Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 3

Wednesday, 25/01/2012

DINNER @ Kopitiam (594 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney NSW 2000).
Called me crazy for coming to Kopitiam again, I was here 2 days ago with my collegues. Not sure why I picked Kopitiam again?? Location wise, it is the best for everyone (7 of us), quite central for everyone to get around, especially for me, only 15 mins walk from my office. Kopitiam does great Chinese New Year menu & normal menu, more than enough to entertain everyone's preference, kinda within reasonable $$ too (if you compare to typical Chinese restaurant that charge $ 100+++ / person for their special CNY menu). Yes one of the Kopitiam lady knows me by name now since I booked table for Day 1 and Day 3 ... =)

Yee Sang is a must starter and whilst tossing the Yee Sang up high in the sky with your chopstix, you need to wish everyone good luck, good health, great career and happiness to welcome the Chinese New Year
Chicken Satay - one of the best satay in Sydney for me - tender, tasty and not overgrilled (some other places often over grilled their satay till they have cardboard texture sighhh, wasting the chicken). Peanut sauce is tops.
Roti with curry sauce - roti is kinda ordinary, curry sauce is great
Kangkung belacan (water spinach with shrimp paste) - spicy, crunchy and well cooked
Salt and pepper chicken - seems to be everyone's fave on the day. Malaysian version of KFC.
Kam Heong Prawns - spicy, crunchy, sweet and salty .. all in one. I ordered this dish last year change in taste, just like last year's. I am not sure if you suppose to de-shell the prawns. I was too lazy, I ate the whole thing, the shell was soft yet crunchy.
Malaysian Mee Goreng - it is yummy and authentic but less oil please... =)

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