Monday, September 19, 2011


Saturday 17/09/11

Last Saturday I felt like a full time munching machine, I had full day of eating and my schedule started from 10am-10pm. What a day ... 12 hr of eating adventures. How did I do that?

Breakfast @ North Sydney Produce Market, I had bacon & egg roll with tomato relish plus banana bread courtesy of Theo from Fleur De Lys. He gave me 1 full loaf of his superb banana bread. I shared Theo's banana bread with a few friends...IkeMalada & Cupcakeholics...they all love it & impressed by how moist the bread is, thanks again for your kindness =)

If you are in the hunt for the best banana bread in town, please try Theo's award winning banana bread  (Fleur De Lys patisserie) - you wont be disappointed ! It is superb. Visit him @ Pyrmont market (1st Saturday of the month) and North Sydney Produce Market (3rd Saturday of the month), he'll be there rain, hail or shine to serve you with his big smile.

IkeMalada cooked for me yayyy...she cooked Indonesian style chilli beef, freshly pounded chilli with shrimp paste sauce, and sayur asem (Indonesian style tom yum, with corn, french beans and peanut).

Indonesian style chilli beef, tasty & really tender. It was surprisingly not that hot. I like the idea of nothing is wasted..according to Ike the remaining oil from the chilli beef can be used to make chilli fried rice. I have registered myself as the guinea pig for the chilli fried rice.
Chilli sauce with tomato, coriander, shallots, shrimp paste - freshly pounded by her mom
Sayur Asem - Indonesian version of Tom yum - with french beans, corn, cabbage, peanut - sweet, sour, salty, and a little chilli kick

We went to Made in Italy in Pyrmont before our movie. 
Bring on the carbs ...
I was hoping they have Spaghetti Vongole (white clams with olive oil and garlic) and guess what... they didnt have it on that night, ARRGHHH. I nearly burst into pieces when the waitress told me 'it's not available - and it's been a while'. When are you going to be available again spaghetti vongole? I miss you badly, please call me when you are back from your holiday trip =(

Pappardelle with porcini and italian sausages, I am not sure whether I was full or whether they have generous portion but I struggled to finish the whole plate for once. Pappardelle was light and tasty.
Fettucini Marinara
Ricotta Cake with Vanilla ice cream and sponge finger biscuit

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Macaroons Photos

I had a day full of macaroons world - making it from scratch, taking photos, testing different flavours etc at friend's house. I pretended to be a food stylist for a day with idontcryieat and Ike Malada. Lots of fun and giggles!!

It was such a fun things to do is not as simple as I thought, you need loads of imagination, trial and error, different props, background, arrange different colors, perfectly shaped macaroons, colour balance etc. Is there a special school to be a food stylist/ is there a course? Let me know if there's any...and please have a sneak peek of our macaroons in action (done by amateur aka myself, using my baby pocket camera)!

All macaroons are hand made by Ike Malada with 1000% TLC and if you are interested to order her yummo macaroons click here.

Photo 1 - simple and clean but I think we need vibrant colors, a little dull for my liking =(
Photo 2 - too much yellow...
Photo 3 - Bird nest idea by idontcryieat...i wish we use a completely flat plate
Photo 4 - Bird nest style by idontcryieat, same comment as photo 3 - arrghhh why did we use this plate =(
Photo 5 - Natural style - me likey
Photo 6 - not bad..but why there's some shadow hehehhee...
Photo 7 - We aded some beetroot powder to give extra oompphh to the overall color combo