Sunday, December 18, 2011


Thursday, 15/12/11

I went to the new IKEA in Tempe (close to airport) with a friend to buy several rather large items, we bought mini TV cabinet, wardrobe, 5 drawers tallboy, curtain rod, dining table, dining chairs, and other knick knacks. As you all know, you can do self serve to get all the items @ IKEA ... and yes we pulled stuff from the mega shelves and stack them into the 2 big trolleys, went to car park and stacked them again in the car.

After exercising our lazy muscles by lifting boxes, boxes and more boxes, we were so tired and HUNGRY at the point where I didnt want to move at all. We decided to have our dinner @ IKEA where I had the honour LOL to introduce my friend to IKEA cafe. He has never tried IKEA cafe in his life. I ordered the signature Swedish meatballs (my fave btw if I go to IKEA), chips and drinks. He was happy, we had window seats watching the stars and some view....carpark view =)

What do I like about the meatballs? It is really tasty, texture is great, good sizing, and pocket friendly hehehe.. and you cant find Swedish meatballs in any other place in Sydney unless you make your own or you buy the frozen meatballs, the lingonberry sauce and mashed potato from the IKEA foodmart.

Swedish meatballs with mashed potato, lingonberry jam and gravy for less than $10

Friday, December 2, 2011

SOKYO @ the Star

Saturday, 12/11/11

Where can I take my bestie for his birthday this year?
Arrgghh what a difficult question to answer, he has been everywhere nice, everywhere exxie, everywhere unique. I was in despo mode at the point where I had to chat with my friend in other part of the world for suggestions LOL. She suggested to try any dining places @ the Star (formerly know as Star City casino) or Claude's.

Initially I wanted to take him to Claude's or Momofoku. No success in getting table. Claude's - waiting list, Momofoku - I got frustrated by their annoying online booking system *** growwll ***.

At the end I managed to get a table @ SOKYO to celebrate his birthday. Little drama of the day, I forgot to print the address, I thought why bother, how big is the new Star? and ... I was lost in the jungle trying to find SOKYO, asked several shops and security guards & they were all clueless. The worst part was my crackberry has no signals. Finally saved by the semi hidden auto directory.

SOKYO was 1 week old when we went there and I am pretty impressed with the overall service & food quality. We were served by a great waiter (I think he's French), he was friendly and knowledgeable, designed the degustation menu for us, very attentive, keep checking with us if we were OK with the menu overall etc. Thumbs up for a newbie. I will come back for more to try other dishes.

Salmon with kim chee sauce
Beef with grape - apart from pretty looking, they are delicious, the sauce went well with the beef and not overpowering
Asparagus tempura - well fried, crunchy batter, juicy asparagus & stacked like jenga
Fish with coriander sauce - lovely sauce, fish was in smaller (and thin) cut but still juicy & firm, not too sure about the type of the fish
Foie Gras wrapped in wagyu marble with fig and plum wine soy. This is my fave!! Wagyu part was tender and moist, melt in your mouth, combining it with foie gras .. top notch !!
Greenies with spicy garlic vinaigrette, light and refreshing, very well balanced
Blue eye cod, kifler potatoes with sake sauce ... I only remember the sake sauce was a bit like mayo to me
Salmon roll with garlic chips - a little ordinary
Spicy tuna with crispy rice, rice was crunchy but not dry, tuna was fresh & firm ... and we had to order another plate
Teriyaki BBQ beef short ribs - sweet and juicy
Lemongrass ice cream with sago
Caramel something...pretty close to tiramisu with a hint of crunchiness
Chocolate  pudding
Melted choc in the middle...