Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Zealand (South Island) trip - Part 1

We visited quite a number of cities in South Island (New Zealand), I would say about 10 cities. We covered all of them in 7 days. Each city is unique & memorable in its own way. I will gradually post infos on each city (things to do, what to see/ eat, market), stay tune =)

  • Christchurch Cathedral - charming ... pity it is a little ruined by the earthquake during Christmas 2010.
  • Christchurch Tram - great way to go around town $17 all day pass
  • Christchurch Free loop city bus - FREE, bus runs every 15-20 minutes
  • Art Centre Market - Small market located next to a mini shopping - jewellery, food, art & craft
  • Riccarton Market - 2nd hand market, fresh produce, food
  • Kathmandu warehouse - Best value Kathmandu ever, sorry Sydney...they are cheaper - located on 124 Riccarton Road, Christchurch
  • Toi Toi - unique jewellery, gifts, arts & homewares 271 High Street, Christchurch
  • Kilt - NZ made clothing & accesories store
  • Teasme - Bubble tea shop
  • Mrs Higgin Cookies - NZ freshly baked cookie shop
  • Strawberry Fare - Dessert galore
  • Thai Smile - Thai restaurant certified by Thai PM, authentic & great quality, slightly on the pricey side though as I am comparing it with Sydney
Christchurch Cathedral - they are still renovating the sides of the church, hopefully no more earth quakes !!
Christchurch Tramways
Art Centre Market - Scallop Roll is a must have + Grand Marnier Crepe (single crepe drizzled with grand marnier & dusted with icing sugar)
Riccarton Market - Potato Pancake lady
Riccarton Market - combination potato pancake, crispy pancake with lettuce, tomato, mushroom, meat, sauerkraut (onion) on the top, generous portion. The sauerkraut gives a little kick of tangyness to the whole package.
Riccarton Market - Whitebait patties
Riccarton Market - Whitebait patties, ie. whitebait omelette, served with white bread, simple & tasty.
Riccarton Market - Mini donuts - seems to be really popular with the locals, pity we didn't have extra capacity to store the donuts
TOI TOI - my fave shop, I was there for almost 1 hour, every item is unique & adorable, they have great jewellery & homewares items
TEASME - specialty tea shop, bubble tea, teapots, and water bottle with plunger all sold here. I found teasme by accident, I was walking around Christchurch mid town & was badly craving for bubble tea on that day ... and whoooaalaa teasme was in front of me.
Mrs Higgins Cookies - I must say they are better than Mrs Fields !! I tried White chocolate macadamia & chunky chocolate chips...heaven !! they are not overly sweet which is a plus !! Must buy ....
Strawberry Fare - Chef Tasting Plate (creme brulee, chocolate mousse, home made ice cream). The best part is the cat tongue's biscuit & the super smooth ice cream.
Strawberry Fare - Californian Sunshine - orange & almond cake with citrus sorbet.
Springs Deli Cafe - do you want to try Heartstopper?
Springs Deli Cafe - Open Chicken Sandwich, the ultimate chicken sandwich with the lots, suppa avocado dressing !!
Bicycle rental @ Hanmer Springs
Foggy Hanmer Springs

Lolly Pots the lolly store - I recommend sour watermelon lolly - watermelon shaped lolly covered in sugar
Timaru is around 2-2.5hr drive from Christchurch & Pleasant Point is 15 minutes drive from Timaru.
If you are looking for a little quiet rest & relax spot, Pleasant Point is definitely the perfect place. We stayed at a great Bed & Breakfast place in Pleasant Point & very happy with the whole thing.
         Farmstay, bed & breakfast, olive oil producer & great host.
         They cooked wonderful breakfast too. For my review in, please click this link:   

Longview Bed & Breakfast - View from the room is breathtaking, fresh air & very green when you wake up in the morning
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 New Zealand (South Island) trip - Part 2:

Only in New Zealand:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Only in New Zealand

I am still exhausted from my South Island, New Zealand trip. We drove so much & I reach a point where I am really sick of sitting in a car right now, well I should re-phrase this sentence...My friend drove a lot & I just sit back and read the map/ GPS hehehehe... fyi, I don't know how to drive (yet). On average, we sat in the car for about 6-10 hours per day.

Okay..I better stop whingeing, here's some random stuff I found whilst travelling around South Island, New Zealand.

Art festival - Christchurch
$70 Doggy door stopper from Toi Toi Christchurch, if only I can carry this heavy hot Britton dog
Kiwi worms, Kiwi wee, Kiwi Poo, Squashed Possumes...relax...they are all choccies
Sheep droppings, Honey Bee Droppings, Cow Poo & flies ... safe to eat I guarantee
Orgasmic ice cream - Chocolate Climax, Strawberry Seduction
Orgasmic Ice Cream - Virgin Vanilla, Kinky Karamel

Hooker Valley - Mount Cook

Aggy's Shack - Queenstown
Aggy's Shack menu - anyone up for Mutton Bird/ Sea egg?

Blue Mountain Trip


A de-stressed overnight trip after the Boxing day, off we went to Wenthworth Falls (Blue Mountain), approximately 2 hours drive from Sydney. Weather was not great around Christmas, temperature dropped to 10 degrees mark even though it was summer. We were in shorts and cardigan, seriously under equipped in terms of clothing. It was very foggy (felt like I was in Harry Potter movie or some sort) around afternoon to night time, rainy, windy and everyone slept with their electric blanket on. Summer ... ??

Few places we visited:

Wayzgoose Cafe @ Leura
Wayzgoose Cafe - fresh crumbly Flower Pot Scone with fresh cream and home made strawberry jam
Moontree shop 
Bookshop - Leura

  • Lilianfels Hotel - famous for their high tea
  • Antique shop (big building, same stretch as Carrington Inn, next to chocolate shop)
  • Zuri - eco homewares shop
The only place I know in Australia with 8P for parking - 8 hours parking
Lillianfels Hotel
Lillianfels hotel - great place for Morning/ Afternoon tea

Ginger Bread house @ Lilianfels 
Antique register machine @ Katoomba antique shop
  • Schwarzes Patisserie & Coffee Shop - 30 Station Street Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782. Ph: (02) 4757 3300
  • Everglades historic house & garden
  • Scenic drive sign near Katoomba
Everglades garden 1
Everglades garden 2    
Everglades garden 3
Scenic drive