Sunday, February 17, 2013

Home Made PepperMint Tea

I was given chives, mint & green purple-ish Vietnamese herbs (was not too sure about the name) by my colleague. And I was really happy coz I love brewing fresh mint tea, especially those freshly plucked mint leaves (from her mom's garden & no pesticides etc). Yeah I know it's not everyone's cuppa tea coz some of my friends think it tastes like sipping toothpaste. Hhmm...I really cant tell LOL, coz I have been a peppermint tea addict for the past 20 years. I have tried many varieties of peppermint tea and the verdict is .... nothing beats freshly brewed mint leaves. Peppermint tea does have several health benefits too such as easing nausea, calming, easing off digestion etc and I personally think Peppermint tea is best after dinner tea. Perfect companion on rainy days and doing full mode couch potato ~ catching up on DownTown Abbey/ Revenge TV series. Have a great Sunday everyone. Stay dry.

  • 1-2 bunch mint leaves
  • 1-2 tablespoon honey (optional)
  • Remove mint leaves from the stems, give them a good rinse
  • Place in teapot & pour hot water (about 90 degrees)
  • Let it sit for 15-30 minutes, depending on your preference (or till the colour turns darker)
  • Ready for consumption
  • Add honey

Fresh mint leaves from my friend's garden (left hand side)
Ready for hot water?
Brewing ... are we there yet...are we there yet ??
Almost ready....starting to change color now, slightly yellowish!! 
Fresh is best freshly brewed mint tea.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Golden Century CNY dinner

Gong Xi Fat Choi everyone, may the year of water snake brings us good health, luck, wealth, happiness and joy. My CNY started with dinner at the legendary Golden Century (Chinatown) with a group of friends. Overall, dishes were great, good service with attentive and helpful staffs. Happy CNY peeps, let's eat yummy food and be merry!!

Peking duck ~ crispy skin, hardly any fattie bits and just melt in your mouth..yumyum
Sang Choy Bow ~ minced duck with bamboo shoots in lettuce. Refreshing and light with crunchiness from bamboo shoot & lettuce.
CNY posh part ~ Shaved boiled abalone, to be dipped with soy sauce.
Soy sauce for the abalone
Wonton soup with lettuce in abalone broth. Simple yet tasty. The broth was excellent, really tasty, wonton was pretty jumbo with generous fillings.
Lobster noodle ~ OhhMMGee, here comes the great tasty lobster that ruins your cholesterol. Succulent meat and well cooked, goes well with noodle (I think it was egg noodle). 
Crispy chicken with salt on the side, it was okay, skin was thin and crispy, meat has subtle taste. I dont mind it but not my fave.
Tofu hot pot with BBQ pork, prawn, carrot, etc.I  love the big fat silken tofu !!
Spinach cooked with 3 eggs (duck egg, chicken egg and century egg). As a devotee to eggs (duck, chicken, century), this is such a great invention. The dish does not look that interesting, but the taste is undescribeable, spinach in soup with different textures of eggs.
Fried Rice ~ I was too full, didnt have any of the fried rice