Monday, February 13, 2012

Singapore Holiday Photos

August 2011

Last year I visited Singapore for a few days during my short holiday and I stayed around Sentosa area for a change. Sentosa had undergone massive transformations for the past several years and looking pretty awesome now. They have Universal Studios, Casino, beaches (Siloso and Palawan), natures, Museum, Underwater world, shopping area etc. It was a good decision to stay there, quite relaxing and very different from the hustle bustle Orchard Road. Too many places to visit within Sentosa, too little time, what to do?
Singapore Merlion - Lion city

  • HERSHEY's chocolate @ Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)
Chocolate lovers rejoice, Hershey's is your heaven indeed. They sell other stuff too apart from chocolates, e.g. soft toys, tees, stationary, etc.
  • Garrett Popcorn @ RWS
Savoury or sweet popcorns? Take your pick.
  • Food Republic foodcourt @ Vivo City
 From Sentosa, take the train (MRT) to Harbourfront station - linked to Vivo City. Head to the foodcourt level and go crazy ... from Roti Prata, Bakuteh (pork ribs soup), Popiah (Singapore spring roll) to dimsum.
  • Toastbox @ RWS
 Singapore style coffee shop, famous for their Kaya Toast (toast with coconut jam)
  • Breadtalk @ RWS
One of my fave breadshop  in Singapore, I love their 'Bakwa Delights' (bread with dried pork fillings) and Taro-cotta (taro bread).

Toastbox @ Resorts World Sentosa
Toastbox Kaya Toast - a must have if your visit Singapore, thick toast with melty  butter and coconut jam, great for breakfast/ afternoon tea
Toastbox Mie Rebus - noodle with thick tamarind/ limey gravy & boiled egg
Breadtalk @ Resorts World Sentosa - Casino themed bread
Food Republic foodcourt @ Vivo City - Oyster omelette, love it !!
Food Republic foodcourt @ Vivo City - Rojak, fruits with sweet brown sauce and sprinkled with peanuts (pineapple, fried tofu, cucumber, and jicama/ bengkoang.
Food Republic foodcourt @ Vivo City - noodle soup with egg and ikan bilis (salty fish), was okay..not keen on having ikan bilis on my noodle soup, broth was really good
Food Republic foodcourt @ Vivo City - Popiah, ie. Singapore style spring roll (boiled egg, jicama, peanuts, lettuce, chilli sauce, shrimp/ prawns). I wish we have popiah in Sydney...
Hershey's choc shop @ Resorts World Sentosa
Candylicious - candy heaven
M&M's - arrghh so cute, I want them all
Taro-Cotta from Breadtalk,  sweet bread with taro paste filling yummyumm I can eat this everyday

Bak Kwa Delight from Breadtalk - smoky porkie filling bread ... anything with pork never go wrong

  • Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)
Mainly branded items, hhmmm my pocket is not yet in sync with shopping @ RWS
  • Vivo City
The closet shopping mall to RWS, has good mix of medium range brands, e.g. Zara, Uniqlo, Topshop. Need to take the train (MRT) from Sentosa to Harbourfront station.

  • Universal Studios
I heart theme parks no matter where so it is a must visit for me =) 
Bought so many junks there, e.g. mouse pad, tees, key chain, pen, magnet, etc. *** tourist style shopping ***. The heat was unbearable on the day we went to Universal Studios. I was like a walking sweatbox, didnt play much though, too exhausted dealing with the heat and humidity,
  • Siloso Beach
Siloso beach is kinda cute too, a bit man made if I compare it with Bondi beach or Balmoral Beach in Sydney, but it's still pretty. Siloso offers lots of outdoor activities (cycling, segway, eco walk trail, Aquarium, etc) and of course worth visiting when you can ride the Siloso free bus.

Universal Studios @ Sentosa - Shrek Castle
Cycling around Siloso Beach Sentosa? Best to do it super early in the morning or after 7pm, the heat is insane
Sentosa - Siloso
Sentosa cable car
Singapore Flyer

  • Hard Rock hotel
Funky hotel with lots of entertainment throughout the night (e.g. live band etc), big gym and massive room. Excellent + friendly service, you will not get dissapointed.

Hard Rock gigantic pool to melt Singapore's heat
Hard Rock Hotel signature guitar for toiletries
Check this out ... 'Girl's Thing' ... ladies, how special do we feel? I wonder if they have 'Boy's Thing' version too ??


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