Saturday, April 30, 2011

NSW Farm Tour

Sunday 10/04/11

I visited 3 farms in a day (vegie farm, apple farm & alpaca farm). The day started with a nice sunny day and the cloud started to mess the day ... rain & wind followed us for the whole afternoon. That did not dampened our spirit at all, we came back with plenty of fresh vegies, apple & souvenirs from the alpaca farm. What a one big hectic day.

Hawkesbury Vegetable Farm
135 Carrs Road
Wilberforce NW 2756
Phone. (02) 4576 3529
Joe 0417 443 057
Vicki 0418 696 897
Open Saturday 9am-3pm
Sunday to Friday book ahead

Visitors can have a little tour on the farm, getting the know their produces, how they sell to the market & their low pesticides policy (I was told that by Vicki that they tried their best to use minimal pesticides too, mainly during summertime.Fresh vegies are available for purchase (freshly cut/ plucked) & they last for a while, unlike the usual vegs you buy from supermarket which normally die in 1-3 days =)

2550 Bells Line of Road
Bilpin - NSW 2758
Phone. (02) 4567 1294

Quite similar to Hawkesbury Veg Farm, visitors can have a tour around the area, getting to know different variety of apples & other fruits, the netting system (to avoid hail storm, birds attacking the trees), bee pollination, DIY apple picking. I really love the DIY apple picking...walk around the area, carry a basket & pick apples (great exercise opportunity too) - fresh, crisp & wax free apples.

128 Tennyson Road
Tennyson - NSW
Phone. 0418 548 242

Visitors can book afternoon tea session (freshly baked scones, fresh cream & strawberry jam, tea/ coffee) whilst the owner run a little alpacas info session explaining history of alpacas (from Peru originally), how their fibres being produced into jumpers/ hats/ scarves, colour of alpacas, and tons more information on alpacas. The scones was soft, crumbly & warm, was really yummy, I bought some home as well. It was such an very first time ever seeing & touching an alpaca, they are really gentle, happy to get a little pet from everyone..and super soft fur, well behave too (no spitting).

Family run Hawkesbury Vegetables Farm - brocolli, eggplant, capsicum, cauli flower, rocket, spinach, chilli, and many more (more than 20++ varieties)
9 yrs old Jason - knowledgeable boy, helping dad getting rid of weeds
Fresh eggplants

Bilpin Springs Orchard (netting system on the right side to protect the trees)

DIY Apple picking - buy fresh apples from the farm, fresh & crisp
Alpacas - originally from Peru
Pet an alpaca - soft & cuddly

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kitchen OEC (Japanese Croquettes)

Kitchen OEC is located in Chinatown food court & they are famous for their Japanese croquettes (mashed potato with sukiyaki/ cheese/ vegies/ curry). If you are a health fanatic, you might faint if you go to Kitchen OEC hehehee as most of their stuff is either deep fried/ creamy (croquettes, karaage, katsu, pasta salad, caesar salad, etc).

My latest health check (I did 3x health check year to date) has gimme the green light to indulge myself  with Kitchen OEC $8 set meal - 2x Japanese croquettes (sukiyaki & curry), 1 karaage stick, pasta salad & caesar salad. They are great value & good quality, best croquettes in town. They also sell barley tea for 50 cents.

My nemesis used to make the trip down to chinatown & buy the take away set meal for lunch. Nowadays, I might have to catch the bus to chinatown if I crave for Kitchen OEC ... get the take away & bring it back to the office (it is a good 20-30 mins return trip by bus).

Dear Nemesis, we might need to be friends again & you can do the lunch run for me & I can pinch extra food from your take away box too. The grass is always greener next door, although I have my own take away box, I still like to 'tax' my nemesis..Gosh I sound like an evil & greedy friend =)

Kitchen OEC
Sussex street food court level 1 (next to escalator)
Shop 8, 401 Sussex street
Haymarket - Sydney

Set menu - 2 croquettes, 1 karaage chicken stick, caesar salad, pasta salad

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011

When I was an undergraduate student (many yearssssss ago when I was young & free from wrinkleS), I used to work @ Easter show during Easter break to earn extra pocket money.
Well ... I did earn some money from the Easter show...and I also spent my earnings on the spot too to buy showbags, foods, or anything I didn't need, sighhhh...young & clueless back then.
I used to have staff pass & I can go to the show anytime, anyday, as many times as I like. What a privilege.

Nowadays, Easter show costs about $34 (entree + transport fee included). They have similar stuff every year, nothing new to me - wood chopping show, animal show, milking barn show, foodhall, art & craft, and showbags pavillion. Eventhough it is the same item every year I still go for the fun, memory of the good old days, dog show, milking barn, showbags and cheese on a stick etc.

Happy Easter everyone, have a great holiday!!

Bite Size biscuits @ Foodhall - they only sell to public during the Easter show, beautiful biscuits, low sweetness & not too buttery
Fresh produces by Woollworth @ Foodhall
Cake decorating pavillion - yes they are all edible cakes !! Amazing art works !!
Gourmet jam by Alpine @ Foodhall

Cheese on a stick can only be found during Easter show....
Freshly squeezed Lemonade
Cheese on a Stick - my yearly ritual @ the Easter show - deep fried battered cheese
Cheese on a stick - Melted cheese
Junk Food Galore =)
Our moment of fame - we met the famous Dr Harry Cooper, my favourite & the best vet ever !!
My friend A, Dr Harry Cooper, me

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweeties Paradise

***** NOV 2012 - Sweeties Paradise is no longer operating ******


The long wait is finally over, a place for Asian (HK style) dessert has arrived in Chinatown called Sweeties Paradise. Their menu has great variety ranging from sago, coconut milk, pudding, sweet dumpling, red bean, taro, sesame etc. Sweetness level is fantastic, very much my standard, i.e. low. I wish they open another shop near my place.

My recommendations ....
  • No. 40 Taro Sago with coconut milk (with extra taro balls for 50cents)
  • No. 43 Mango Pomelo Sago
  • No. 74 Coconut Taro with Black Sticky Rice pudding
  • No. 79 Mango Glutinous Dumpling
  • No. ?? Sesame soup with mini dumplings
                  Sweeties Paradise
                    45 Dixon Street (next door to  Y2K)
                    Chinatown - Sydney
                    Ph. (02) 9212 3818

Taro Sago with coconut milk