Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holiday Splurge

Here are my little spending spree during my 3 weeks holiday, nothing glam, just some mini snacks collection. I bought several Japanese snacks when I was in Hong Kong (some of them did not have a chance to be photographed...sorry readers, they were demolished before they get a chance to do a little publicity stunt). The good thing about Japanese snacks (majority of them) is they are individually wrapped - really practical, I can rotate everyday without having headaches about 'this will go off before I finish the whole box'. I have been bringing them to work almost everyday that my boss suspects I run a mini Japanese snacks store after I came back from my holiday. Anyway, here they little snacks store.

Left - Caplico, chocolate snacks in a cone, it is like eating mini ice cream cone without the ice cream
Right - Midi Pocky, shorter and thicker than normal Pocky

Green Tea galores - it is really hard to nominate which is the best. I love green tea and I love Japanese snacks ... combination of both really ruin my judgement. Might be a little biased, but they all really great. Green tea biscuits in different varieties, rice crispies/ Pocky stick/ biscuit block/ biscuit roll. Low level of sweetness and light.

Left - Bourbon black sesame biscuits, it is like a jumbo thin coin with thin layer of black sesame cream. Packed individually, very handy to bring to work. Again...this is light.
Right - I haven't had a chance to try them.

Left - Meiji Mushroom chocolates, mushroom shape honey caffe latte chocolate
Right - Meiji chocolate button, errr it is pretty similar as honey caffe latte ones

Some touristy stuff that I bought...key rings. Chip & Dale, Panda Bling, and another Panda
Seriously, how many key rings do I need? .....
Mickey Mouse oven mitts from Disneyland, too cute to be left un-adopted. This will encourage me to do more baking (I hope). It's a good start to have a proper baking props ...  =)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Back .... from Holiday =)

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I last updated my blog, I was having a blogging detox moment due to the departure of my PC (RIP my PC, you have been great in helping me). It went kaput one day, just black and nothing else. The worst nightmare is I probably lost majority of my photos ... which haven't been transferred to my portable hard drive. Not sure if anything can be salvaged at this stage, I have to wait till my geek friend come back from holiday. Praying hard for miracle right now.

Let's talk about happy events now =)
This year I had a chance to do a 3 weeks holiday covering 4 places (Kota Kinabalu, Hong Kong, Maldives and Singapore). It was quite tiring but holiday is always one happy occasion for me. The tiring bit was the packing/ unpacking, kinda blame myself for that lol, quite a few hotel hopping happened. Had great food most of the time, meeting my friends...a bit of shopping, sightseeing and seeing a new part of the world that I have never seen before. I came back feeling fresh & rejuvenated.

Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia)
My first time here, I was here for a wedding + a bit of sightseeing (in total about 5 days). Weather is hot, humid + sticky, I was like a walking dehydrated sweatbox, drinking water all the time. The food compensated the weather though ... absolutely fantastic food (and pocket friendly). I had great coverage, from fresh seafood, noodles, curry rice, coconut juice, fried banana, coconut jam, etc. I reckon the best highlight was when I visited local eateries in the suburb. I went crazy ... bought almost everything that I can think of. The not so good part was ...Grrr I got ripped off a few times by cabbie (eventhough by our standard is cheap, my friend still laughed at me getting ripped off big time). Like ... let's say I paid cabbie MYR 20-30 ..and my friend said it should only cost 1/2. Oh well, never mind just treat it as supporting Malaysian economy.

Kota Kinabalu - Shangrila Rasa Ria resort

Lido foodcourt in local suburb - from chicken wings, chicken satay, oyster omelette, dumplings, local vegetables, noodle soup, and other goodies ... I love this foodcourt !! Btw, these are for 2 people =)

Black Pepper crab from Seramban seafood restaurant
Deep fried durian from D'King

Fresh coconut juice ... not as sweet as Thai coconut but fresh is always best

Deep fried banana with cheese + Deep fried banana with cheese and chocolate - crispy on the outside with melty cheese and melted dark chocolate to go with the sweet banana ... omg these are evil combination but I love them. Coconut juice works well to wash the greasiness !! 

Fish sauce seafood mee-hoon - it doesn't have the physical appeal, however they smell great (wok tossed smell), simple dish yet flavoursome.

Turmeric rice with papadums, vegetables, prawns, chicken and chicken giblets. I bought it from Indian stall in foodcourt. It was quite fascinating, self serve & they charge you according to how many varieties you have. Interesting stall, everyone seems to know everyone.

Roti prata with curry sauce ...fluffy and fresh roti, with light curry sauce.

Hong Kong
Still the same old same old ... packed, busy, noisy but cute, and great food. I was in HK for about 10 days. Did a bit of Disneyland, outlet shopping, eat local food, and doing a couple touristy stuff like visiting the Peak, went to Ocean Park (errr was a big nightmare), visited Bird market & Flower market in Mongkok etc.

Hong Kong view from the Peak

Freshly baked egg tarts from the legendary Kam Fung café in Wanchai

My first time here too...OMG...when we landed, we were like villagers duo, standing speechless for a few moment. It is too pretty, was surreal, pretty much like what you see in postcard/ magazine shots - yes they are real and exist in this world. It is such an experience, crystal clear water, white sandy beach, and very picturesque. I had a great time in doing some water activities (I usually don't do this kinda thing lol), relaxing, sun soaking (stocking up in vitamin D) and enjoying the view. Pity food was quite average during our entire stay in Maafushivaru. I would loveeee to go back again.

Maafushivaru Kuoni - breathtaking view

Crystal clear water ...
The usual regimes, eat and more eating...bakuteh, carrot cake and kaya toast (coconut jam).

Have a great night everyone, ...will post a bit more soon.