Sunday, February 5, 2012

PAUL's Famous Hamburgers

Many of us probably forgotten simplicity of the old school hamburger as these days we are quite spoilt with choices of glorified burgers, i.e. Wagyu burger, Built your own burger, Japanese style burger (using rice as the bun), Foie Grass Burger, etc - and we perhaps forgot basic burger or where to get them in Sydney.
I do know where we can get them *** wink wink ***
We can still get old school burger in Sylvania, 40 mins from CBD, down South. Yeah I know it's a bit of an effort to get there, petrol probably costs as much as the burger but it is worth it.
Paul's Hamburgers - a well established  family run burger joint, has been an icon for the shire since the 1950s. There's nothing fancy about the shop, retro-ish feel, pure & simple and popular amongst the locals (and non local like me). The burger went well with their home made pineapple crush, which can be bought in a 1/2 litre or 1 litre jug. Happy trying.

Paul's Famous Hamburgers
12 Princess Highway
New South Wales 2444
Phone. 9522-5632
*** Mon & Tues CLOSED ***

The famous Paul ...
Fresh crunchy hot chips with chicken salt
Home made pineapple crush

Hamburger with Bacon, Egg and BBQ sauce, nothing fancy...just how the original burger should be
Lean meat patties with juicy bacon, quality burger for under $10

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