Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 5

Friday, 27/01/2012

Sniff..sniff..can you smell Friday? 
Hell yeahhh, it's my day off too today, how awesome! I went to my friend's house to help her make red velvet cake with cream cheese icing + crumble topping for Chinese New Year. It's kinda nice to make something red for CNY, red is always the theme during CNY. Initial plan was to help my friend...but I think I created more trouble than lending a helping hand hahaha.We had to make 2 batches coz some mini drama caused by who else but moi. We baked the cake till midnight and I have never feel so exhausted from baking cake. Here's the story:

1st batch - I had some intervention in mixing the mixture and apparently I put too much force in mixing it. For once, I sound so fit, strong and sporty 'too much force' wowww. Epic fail. The cake had to be thrown out coz it was as hard as brick. If I slap someone with this cake, I might be charged with manslaughter.

2nd batch - successful with no intervention from moi lol. 
So...who made the cake? My friend did. 
What did I do? Weighing sugar/ flour/ other stuff, watch her made the cake, washing up, clean up and taste taster (I do well in this department).

1st cake - super hard, can you see the darker part in the middle? It was solid hard. We baked brick cake.
2nd batch - Succesful, nice and glossy sponge cake base...Recipe of success? No intervention from moi.
Cooling the cake
Layering - with cream cheese icing
More Layering....I can smell 'FATT' from a distance
Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and crumble topping
Nice layering job ... good stuff !! Thanks for making the red velvet cake for moi. I promise I will stay as taste taster ... =)

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