Monday, February 9, 2009

Deformed Cucumber

I am heading to my friend's house (Dennis & Marg) down south for dinner tonite. Purposely had light lunch to make extra room for dinner as they religiously provide us with tons of of great food.

Dennis & Marg grow most of their herbs & vegies, ranging from lemon, mint, basil to chillis. On the top of their own herb/ vegie garden collection, they subscribe themself to this vegie man that delivers 1-2 boxes of mixed vegies/ fruits in weekly interval. For years this vegie man never fails to supply only the freshest ingredients to this family. I wish I can have this luxury.

Dennis is blessed with green thumbs, any dying plants can survive in his hands. The backyard is a mini Emergency ward for sick plants. I lost count on the number of sick plants that he adopted from everyone. The whole backyard, mini rain forest to be precise, is filled with TLC from Dennis.
His latest portfolio includes this "deformed cucumber".
They are tiny, longish and spikey, and full of seeds.

Yeah...they look deformed, taste great though, juicy, kinda like a cross between lime & cucumber and farm fresh for sure. I still don't know the official name of this cucumber.... !! Can anyone help ??