Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Holiday

Hello all,

Hope everyone had a great Easter break this year. My Bali holiday started a few days ago...and I am @ full scale holiday mode at the moment - not doing much apart from sleeping, napping, spa + massage, a bit of shopping, piggin out, and some exercise (trust me  not much happening in this department). Happy weekend everyone.

Swimming hard before piggin out @ nite
Waiting for sunset
Balinese Rijstafel @ Bumbi Bali restaurant - worth to starve yourself for the whole day. The platter includes 2 types of rice (white and yellow) + dessert + tropical fruits - from grilled fish, satays, green beans, lime chicken, sweet stewed pork (soft and juicy), chilli water spinach stir fried, and other items. If I guess it right every bowl represents sweetness, salty, hot, sour, etc - everything went well together & worth the investment