Saturday, February 4, 2012


Dear my generous and lovely friends,

Thank you for buying food related stuff for me wherever you go, and thank you for thinking of me. I feel loved and spoilt now ...... XOXO

ITO EN Vegie Juice from JT - Quite random but kinda funny 'Here you go I bought you a bottle of Vegie juice'. I was stunned for 1-2 mins 'HAH - Oh okay?' .... When do I say NO to freebies? Never. Thanks for buying the juice + delivering to my house too. Good job JT.
ITO EN Vegie Juice - I feel healthy the moment I read the ingredients, 20 different vegies + 3 fruits
Bachmann Pistachio Milk Chocolate from SZ all the way from Lucerne, Switzerland.
Pistachio pieces scattered all over the chocolate block. Nice, smooth and not so sweet. Top stuff. This choc block is really dangerous, once you pop you cant stop
Cookbook from DL - Thanks for the gift, I love the book so much. I have been hunting for Basic Italian cookbook for a while and this book is awesome, simple ingredients, simple methods yet yummo, suitable for beginners like me. So far I have executed 2 recipes. More trials to go.
Hello Kitty mug from H flown from Japan, Pineapple tarts from JD from Malaysia (she bought it from IKEA Kuala Lumpur during Chinese New Year, nice and buttery)

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