Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 1

LUNCH @ Petaling Street (760 George St, Sydney NSW 2000)
I had Yee Sang + Roast Chicken Dry Noodle
My bad, I forgot my camera & my crackberry, sorry all no photos =(

DINNER @ Kopitiam (594 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney NSW 2000).
Staying healthy in 2012 is part of my NY's resolution. Hhmmm can I really stick to it? With my flimsy will power & foodie friends around me, the answer is 'Maybe (leaning towards ... SO NOT)'. Year 2012 is just started & I broke my promise already? Chill out, I still have 11 months to go, plenty of time to execute my NY's resolution. I will start my NY's resolution after Chinese NY, my NY's resolution is on strike for 2 weeks. Wish me luck after CNY ...

Another Yee Sang moment & other CNY goodies for now .. why not?

Kopitiam Chinese New Year Menu

Yee Sang - Raw fish salad - light, fresh and tangy
Dragon Paradise spicy vegetables - petai beans, eggplant, french beans, okra. Sauce was really awesome pity I am not a fan of okra, the slimey bits kinda errrk me. We should have order one without okra.
Empress chicken - corn fed (kampong) chicken with soy sauce. Juicy & tasty chicken, i love their soy sauce. A tad different from other soy sauce, thick & dark plus a bit on the sweeter side.
Golden Dragon Deep Fried Pork Ribs - crunchy and tender porkie.

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