Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 7

Sunday, 29/01/2012

Summer has landed (late) in Sydney, it was 30 degrees on the day, super humid and sunny. I just have to proudly announced the arrival of summer as we have been having crap weather during summer. Anyway ... enough weather update from moi ...
My program for the day, exposing my friend who has been hiding in his cave all this long to more eating places around Sydney. He has never been to Mamak OMG, what a crime...can you believe it?

LUNCH @ MAMAK Chatswood (1-5 Railway st, Chatswood, Sydney)
Was a mini CNY casual lunch, didnt order much on the day, errr my usual capacity is usually doubled hahaha. I was hungry but my appetite somehow was toned down due to the weather and my friend is on diet program too.
Roti Canai - fresh and fluffy, I cant choose between the dahl/ curry sauce, I love both. The dahl sauce is thicker and more grainy, whilst the curry sauce is more runny and smooth.
A dozen satay - 1/2 chicken, 1/2 beef. We vote for chicken.
Mee Goreng - with fish cake, prawns, tofu puff and other goodies.

DESSERT @ YummyBerry (190 Military Road, Neutral Bay, Sydney)
I was in sugar deficiency mode after lunch, my fro-yo craving kicked on, lucky my friend was super nice to take me to YummyBerry. I feel bad for ruining his diet, coz he had frozen yoghurt too at the end...well look at the bright side, he bought the $5 cup instead of the $10 tub. I was a bit disappointed, they had no green tea flavour again. I had mango & raspberry yoghurt, equally good but I really really miss their green tea yoghurt.  I might have to come back this weekend to checkout if green tea is back.
- LEFT: Raspberry & Mango yoghurt with Oreo and almond - RIGHT: Original & Mango yoghurt with Oreo, TimTam biscuits and passionfruit -

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