Friday, November 26, 2010

Zucchini Flower Fritter Dinner

I went a little crazy last week when I went to the Northside Produce Market, I bought brocolli, cauliflower, oyster mushroom, avocado, zucchini fritters and other goodies. I really have to cook tonight otherwise everything will be spoiled in a few days.

Here you go...this is my dinner tonight, zucchini fritters plus all the goodies from the market.

Zucchini Fritters from Northside Produce Market
Zucchini Fritters with mashed avocado and lime juice, stir fry brocolli, cauliflower and oyster mushroom plus Chilli Jam from Pastabilities

Cafe XXII Pyrmont Again

A friend came from Singapore & we visited Cafe XXII Pyrmont for lunch, yayyy I can have my fettucini meatballs again.

Pumpkin, ricotta and roasted almond bruschetta, very yummy, I feel inspired and I might give it a go @ home one day
Wagyu Steak sandwich for R who just had his detox program
This is the only Missoni that is pocket friendly ... sparkling water Missoni Pellegrino
Fettucini Meatballs with pecorino cheese for me, very generous meatballs today, normally they serve 5 pieces of meatballs
Grilled Ocean Trout with cous cous salad for my friend I who is going for 10km run next week, a healthy choice compared to my fettucini meatballs

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby Shower

Sunday 21/11/10 - To celebrate Priska's 7th month of  pregnancy we organised Indonesian (Javanese tradition) style baby shower, aka siraman. Consists of a set of rituals and followed by having traditional dishes for the dinner.

We can't wait to have the Indonesian Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning). I was drooling since 5pm ish, purposely had small lunch for this event. My lovely friend Ike cooked & decorated the yellow rice. I seriously don't know how she cooked all of this as she had catering for 500 people the day before. Her Indonesian yellow rice is the best & her hard work is paid off, everyone was very pleased with the dishes.

Indonesian yellow rice (Nasi Kuning) - clockwise - Indonesian salad, Chilli egg (Telor Balado), Chilli prawn (Sambal Udang), Chicken in brown sauce (Ayam Rujak), Chilli Chicken liver and tempe (Sambal Goreng Ati Tempe), Fried tempe (Tempe Goreng), Fried Tofu ( (Tahu Goreng)
Too cute to eat, Cupcakes by Cupcakeholics & Baby Shower Cake by my friend Handi Mulyana 
Nappy Cake by moi, thanks to youtube tutorial, non edible though


I am running out of ideas to take my best friend Handi out for his birthday. I realised he has never been to Ju-Rin in Crows Nest. He is happy with the idea as it is a little suburbia and easy for him to find parking. Booking done, we picked the 8pm seating, we were quite lucky to get a table as I did last minute booking (3 days prior to the dinner).

We also ordered the Beef tongue miso udon but I forgot to take photos. The soup is really tasty & the beef tongue is really tender, a definite must have when you visit  Ju-Rin.

Ju-Rin today's special
Torched Salmon with avocado sauce, the sauce is really refreshing & it complements the perfectly grilled salmon
Zucchini flower tempura stuffed with prawn paste, crunchy and tasty prawn paste stuffing
Wagyu beef karubi, very tender and juicy wagyu

Dessert Menu
Sakura Mochi, cherry blossomed flavour mochi with red bean filling, if you like low level of sweetness dessert, this mochi is your best friend :o)

Tempura green tea ice cream red bean, the portion is quite generous, it can be shared for 2-3 people. I marked the tempura ice cream 5/10, presentation yes... the quality of the vanilla ice cream & the tempura batter not so great

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charlie & Co

I went to Charlie & Co, owned by Becasse, with 2 work friends in the new Westfield about 1 week after their opening day. Unfortunately, we did not have a great experience, I guess they are still new and they have some teething issues. We waited in total 55 mins from Q-ing till receiving my takeaway.

We ordered Wagyu burger, Federation burger (Aengus burger), Chilli Crab burger and herb fries.  My Aengus burger looks awesome, generous 1.5 cm thick Aengus pattie, however it was slightly overcooked (ie. dry), what a pity ... otherwise the burger will be perfecto.

Federation Burger - Aengus beef pattie, cheddar, fried egg, bacon, sauteed onion, lettuce and tomato on a sesame sourdough bun

Herb Fries with mayonnaise ($1.5 for the sauce) - I think the mayo is home made coz it was quite runny and has a different texture to the one readily bottled. Nice chips, crunchy and generous portion.

My friend S had a drama with her Chilli Crab burger order.
S         : Can I order the Chilli Crab Burger - please remove the asian salad and replace it with just lettuce
Staff 1 : Sorry...Sorry...
S         : Repeated her instructions
Staff 1 confused looking.
Staff 2 came to the rescue.
S         : Repeated her instructions again to Staff no. 2
Staff 2 : Yes..yes..I got it...

S collected her take away & we walked back to the office.
When she opened her burger she nearly fall off her chair, she received Chilli Crab Burger still with Asian greens + NO sauce at all.What a drama after 55 mins in the Q.

Chilli Crab Burger - sesame bun + crab cake + greens + NO sauce
Looks like the 3 of us are not in any hurry to go back in the next 6 months. It was just an unlucky day for us.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cafe XXII Pyrmont

When I used to live in Pyrmont back in the good old days, I often come to Cafe XXII for breakfast, dinner, or dessert (the cafe is located behind the Star City casino). I never tried their lunch till 3 weeks ago. I had to go to Pyrmont for work & decided to drop by for lunch to refresh my memory about the cafe. My fave lunch menu is the Spaghetti Meatballs with pecorino cheese. I forgot my camera & my phone was dying too.

The following week I came back with my friend & ordered the same stuff again, i.e. the spaghetti meatballs & this time I brought my baby camera.

Staffs are very helpful & attentive, and I still see the same bubbly waiter that I saw about 2-3 years ago. He is the best & he does brilliant coffee.

The Big breakfast - sausage, hash brown, bacon, 2 poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and toasts.
The yummylicious Spaghetti Meatballs with pecorino cheese - al dente spaghetti, flavoursome tomato based sauce & juicy meatballs.
The ultimate meatballs

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Marie Antoinette High Tea

A friend organised girls get together session to experience the Marie Antoinette High Tea @ Westin Hotel Lobby Bar. 
It was a great girls get together day, started with a sparkling rose, colorful zorro styled mask provided by the hotel, great high tea menu, 3.5 hours chit chat and friendly & attentive staffs. We felt quite special. Hope you will have the same great experience if you try the high tea.

The Marie Antoinette High Tea menu
The High Tea - nicely decorated individually
Roast beef with creme cheese - the beef was excellent & perfectly roasted
BLT & deviled egg finger sandwich - the base was in heart shaped, how cute ...
Kiwi & Orange croissant with mascarpone - the combination of orange & kiwi surprisingly work well together
Lime curd meringue tart with edible Marie Antoinette portrait. I wonder how they did the Marie Antoinette portrait? It is one awesome tart. I wish I can have tart no. 2. Lime tart is usually too citrus-ey & make you squint your eyes up to the max. This tart is one exception. Squint free & has the right level of sweetness.
Chocolate cream with exotic fruit caramel & candied walnuts
Blueberry macaroon - hhhmmm this is unfortunately a NO NO for me, it was too sweet. 1 bite is plenty.
Beetroot & Cherry cupcake - I love the amount of 'little' icing, less is more !!