Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mrs Andhika's Spicy Rice Stall

We were stucked on traffic & saw a long queue in front of this stall. Great timing, we were all hungry and it was nearly 9pm. We then decided to stop by and have our dinner here rather than sitting in the car for nothing.

Apparrently the stall is quite famous according to a few friends, this is called "Warung Nasi Pedes Bu Andhika" (= Mrs Andhika's spicy rice stall).

I was quite fascinated with their management style, quite well thought, 1 lady boss as the cashier, 1 taking order - supervise - reconfirming our order once packed, 1 look after the drinks, and other staffs walking back and forth within the cart preparing our order. Nice, neat and fast.

The cart is filled with many little containers with variety of dishes & they are all authentic Indonesian food. Varieties include satay, internal organs cooked in so many versions, beef rendang, curry chicken, chilli egg, mee goreng, and their famous home made chilli sauce (greenish brown colour).

Eventhough they are street seller, they are not too bad, they use plastic gloves to serve the food ( I was lucky). Other friend went there on different day & seller didn't wear gloves.

I absolutely love the price tag, it is around IDR 20,000 (=AUD 3) per portion.

Warung Nasi Pedes Bu Andhika

My chilli rice combo - beef satay, mee goreng, serundeng (spicy shredded coconut), and chilli egg.
The beef satay was really taste, pity that it was a bit hard on that day. Everything else is nice too especially the crunchy serundeng and shredded chilli egg. I know the whole package don't really look that appetising. Trust me they are really yummy and I will definitely go back there if I go to Bali again. I highly recommend take away though. Really worth a visit.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nasi Campur Bali

It started with my trip to Pasar Sukawati (=Sukawati Market, sells souvenirs, clothing, sarongs, batik etc) trying to hunt "happy pants" for my friend's mother.

His mother was telling him "it's only available in Bali, everyone sells them, they know what you want". I don't even know what it looks like. Tried to google, nothing come up. I was quite confident that the seller will know "happy pants". Guess what...I asked a few sellers at the market if they sell "happy pants" & they all stared at me like "What the hell are you looking for?". At the end I just bought 2 types of pants for the mother, sarong and batik.

I paid IDR 35,000 for a sarong pants (original price was IDR 85,000). Bargain is a must here, please bargain 50-75% off from the market price, I know it sounds harsh but apprarently that it is the rule of thumb of bargaining in Sukawati. Done with the shopping now it's time to makan as it's almost 3pm now.

The driver (we rented a car) recommended this warung near Pasar Sukawati, this is at the really end of the market, on the right hand side, in the corner (blue colour). Not far from the market, less than 5 minutes walk from the market. Below is what we ordered.

Nasi Campur Bali (=Bali Mixed Rice) - Bali style salad, satay lilit, deep fried crunchy pork crackle, and chicken curry. I said to my friend "we have to share, I don't think I can finish", and at the end I finished the whole lot. We had to order plate no.2.

Nasi Ayam Betutu - View 1
Chicken cooked in coconut milk & spices, served with Bali style salad and peanuts.
The chicken is very tender and tasty.

Nasi Ayam Betutu - View 2
Pork Ribs Soup w Vegies - I can't remember what vegies they are, either Banana Flower/ something else, can't recall. The soup is really light, cruncy vegies, tender pork ribs.

Blue Fanta - Blueberry flavour

Time to take a nap now. Back to hotel.