Monday, October 11, 2010

Dumplings Incident

This happened about 2 weeks ago, a night before I flew to Hobart (Tasmania). My friend Julia requested dumplings from restaurant X in CBD as she missed it badly. My plan was to get her some dumplings & buns to take to Hobart the next day.

Staff @ door : Welcome...
Me : I want to take away dumplings A, B, C, give me the frozen ones
Staff @ door : Sure no problem, please fill out the order for, we can't do cold dumplings, dumplings need to be steamed
Me : Ok, I'll just order the buns then. Here's the form, total order 16 pieces, pack it into 2 boxes (1st box 6 pieces, 2nd box with 10 pieces)
Staff @ door : Please do 2 order forms
Me : Ok
Staff @ door : Please pay at the cashier & collect take away from inside

...... WaiTing ... WaiTing...and WaiTing ....close to 30 minutes
I wonder why I have to wait so long, they only need to pack all the buns into the box, how complicated can it be?

Me : Is my take away ready ?
Staff inside : Please wait a moment

Another staff from kitchen came out with stacks of bamboo steamer. Not a good sign at all.
I put my hand on it and it is steaming hot (obviously it was steamed).

Me : I ordered the frozen ones, cold ones...
Staff inside : Wait a minute
Staff inside talk to Staff @ door : She said she ordered the cold ones (talked in Mandarin)
Staff @ door : Oh ya she did ordered the cold ones
Staff @ door : (turned around at me and...) Do you want to take the hot ones ?
Me : NO, I ordered the frozen ones because I want to take it interstate
Staff @ door : We can make it cold again, you can wait 15 mins, we put it into our freezer OR
you can take this hot ones and put it into your fridge
Me : NO, I want my frozen ones, you screwed up my order and I am not taking the hot ones
Staff @ door : One minute (she went inside, then come out again)
Staff @ door : We can only give you only1/2 of your order for the cold ones, you need to take the hot ones for the rest of the order because we run out of the cold ones. You can also check our kitchen, we really run out.
Me : Forget it, I want all my money refunded now.

@ 8.20ish pm they run out of dumplings ?
Get real ... they are famous for their dumplings & buns. Are you kidding me ?
Me so annoyed after the dumplings incident.
Very disappointed considering I dined in so often to this place.
How can they expect me to take steamed buns - put it back to freezer - then later on when my friend wants to eat it they have to steam it again.
FORGET IT. I can get something else to bring to Hobart.


  1. This would be annoying enough if it were just for yourself, but it's super extra annoying because they foiled your great plans to be the best friend ever! Damn them!

  2. @ Conor - I was super madddd on that night, can't believe they screwed up such a simple takeaway order.