Sunday, October 31, 2010

Northside Produce Market in North Sydney

My local fresh produce market, held every 3rd Saturday of the month from 8am-12pm, Northside Produce Market. For fresh produces & varieties, this market is indeed a must go monthly ritual if you live around the neighbourhood. Hail or shine the market is there for you & let's support our local farmers/ food producers.
Parker's Organic Juice in a cup, Mango & Peach is still my flavour of the year
Parker's Organic Juice take home pack, arrrghhh they are no longer available in plastic bottle, this glass bottle is heavy !!
Fresh pretty & colourful Flowers
Pink Lady Apple Juice, really fresh & natural
Baby Cherry Tomatoes
Green Mulberry - Pity they didn't have a stall. I bought it from a young lady that walked around with a basket of green & purple Mulberry. My very 1st time tasting green mulberry, it is the sweetest mulberry so far. She got the fruits from her neighbour (an old man who loves gardening & plant the mulberry) & she was helping him sell the fruits. How sweet !!
Banana bread stall - FLEUR DE LYS Award Winning Banana bread
Try before you buy ... Once you try you will buy :o)
Best Banana bread ever, really moist, high quality ingredients, right level of sweetness, and it is professionally packed (majority of Banana bread producers always pack the bread with zillions of cling wrap). No surprise that they are award winning. They deserve the medal.
Freshly Baked Olive Bread, if you take it home, put it in oven & dip it with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, Yuuummo !!
Jelbonleigh Estate Macadamia Nuts, Wasabi & Honey Roasted are my favourite flavours.


  1. Hi This is Theo the Banana Bread guy, just noticed your kind words...(Better late than never) I dont do much internet searching but I really appreciate your kind words....pop in and say hello if you are in North Sydney and I will have a Banana Bread waiting for you....I have started my blog it is a little light on content which I am working on at the moment...I am going to link this to it if that is good luck in your blogging...

  2. Theo - definitely...feel free to link this to your blog. Btw, your recipe for banana bread & butter pudding looks good..might try it one day if I have left over banana bread (hard to have left over banana bread - I finish it real quick), cu @ North sydney market =)