Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chips on a Stick

Although I am not a big fan of having too much deep fried/ junk food, I still bought this accordion look like potato stick, Chips on a Stick. I found the stall during the yearly Willoughby Spring Festival in Chatswood. For $5 per stick you might think it is a bit of rip off considering 1 kg potato is around $5, hhmm not really, it does involved a lengthy process to sell a stick.

It started with a team starting to HAND peeled the potatoes which take up most of the times, put it into the skewers, run it in a machine that make the potatoes evenly sliced like accordion, stretch the potato to create the gap, deep fried & seasoned.

Chips on a Stick, piping hot & ready to be collected, I had cheese + chilli mix
Crispy ... Tasty ... and Oily of course
I don't think they are available in any other market which is a relief for my cholesterol level.

Available Flavours


  1. A Bridgetown WA based Austrian couple has been selling these at markets in this area for the last couple of years.

  2. @ Anynymous - thank you for the tip, will try if I have another chance to travel to WA