Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things to Do in Hobart (Tasmania) in 3 nights & 4 days

I visited Hobart for 3 nights & 4 days during the long weekend (01/10/10 - 04/10/10). Arrived Friday night 9.30pm, left Hobart on Monday 8pm. It was a super packed schedule, but we have done pretty well. If you are looking for some inspirations of things to do in Hobart. Feel free to copy without having the pain to do online research. I will post individual review for places I visited. Stay tuned.

Friday 01/10/10
  • Sydney to Hobart flight, about 1 hr & 20 minutes. Arrived Hobart @ 9.30ish pm.
  • Checked in to hotel straight away & sleep

Saturday 02/10/10
  • Salamanca Market for fresh produce, home made bread/ cookies, honey, and organic products. Plus tons of talented & creative people showcasing their creations from own designed tshirt, clothing, accessories, pottery, wood craft, etc. A very unique market, I wish they can bring Salamanca Market to Sydney. Definitely worth a visit. Opened every Saturday from 8.30am-3pm. I was there from 9-2.30pm.
  • Lunch at Jackman & McRoss, about 10 mins walk from Salamanca Market. Although I pigged out at Salamanca Market, I still have space for Jackman & McRoss. French style bakery, relaxed atmosphere, the moment you step in to the shops you just want to eat every single pastries on the display. Always packed & if you go with a big group be prepared to wait for tables.
  • Picked up rental car & drive around ...
  • Sandy Bay for the water scenery around Hobart. The view is breathtaking & the quality of air is fresher than Sydney, I am not sure if I am exaggerating here, but I seriously feel that way.
  • Visited my friend's beautiful house & her 2 cute dogs.
  • Dinner at a pizza shop in town, the whole gang was exhausted at this point. We had a caveman style dinner, when the meal was out, we had it within 15 mins. Everyone was hungry & we forgot to take photos/ remember the name of the restaurant.
Salamanca Market with Mount Wellington at the background
View from Sandy Bay
Sunday 03/10/10
  • Joined a Cycling tour downhill from Mount Wellington from 9am-12.30pm. They drove 20 mins to go up to the mountain (the Pinnacle) & here's your starting point to cycle downhill with 4-5 stops within the tour. Their car will slowly drive behind the tour to ensure everyone is okay & no one is injured. If you are not great at cycling don't panic, this is going downhill & it fits non sporty person (i.e. ME). Beautiful scenery & you will see much more of the whole mountain by cycling. The tour finished off at Salamanca
  • Lunch at Mures seafood Salamanca. I wanted to order Grilled Lobster & the last Lobster was taken by my lucky friend. I ordered Grilled Salmon with chips & oysters at the end. I tasted the Grilled Lobster & it was juicy, sweet & crunchy texture. Therefore, my recommendation will be to order Fresh Oysters & Grilled Lobster. The oysters are very creamy, no fishy smell & super fresh.
  • Drove to Cambridge, MeadowBank winery, 20 mins from Hobart.
  • Drove from MeadowBank to Richmond (about 10-15 mins). Stop over to view Australia's 1st bridge.
  • Drove from Richmond to Port Arthur (about 1 hour)
  • Stop over in Eagle Hawk Neck for a little rest boost whilst enjoying the coastal view
  • Stayed 1 night @ Port Arthur
  • Dinner @ Knight & ... Inn (Again I forgot the name). The only Tudor style building in Port Arthur, felt like I was part of Robin Hood movie when I dined in.
  • Ghost Tour at Port Arthur historical site (I didnt do the tour as we arrived late & I was scared LOL)
Mount Wellington - view from the Pinnacle
Meadowbank winery
Knight & ... Inn (Robin Hood Tudor style building)
Monday 04/10/10
  • Visit Port Arthur Historical site. Ex convicts site with water scenery. Lucky convicts, they lived here enjoying the $1M water view.
  • Drove back to Richmond for lunch
  • Lunch at Ashmore on 34 Bridge Street
  • Drove back to Hobart via Barilla
  • Visited Barilla Bay Oyster Farm on the way to the airport, buy fresh oysters from the Retail shop & have it in their little eating area outside
  • Return rental car at airport
  • Fly back to Sydney
Port Arthur Historical sites, view from the Commandant's house

  • Hobart - getting a maxi taxi is hard, you may have to book 1 day in advance.
  • Port Arthur - if you are planning to go for dinner, the earlier the better (latest will be 7pm) as you only have limited places (i.e. 2-3 restaurants) you can go for.

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