Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jackman and McRoss Hobart

My favourite lunch spot when I visited Hobart a few weeks ago. French style bakery with great selection of pies, pastries & bread.
What more do I need?
Well..I do need a table to start ordering my lunch .... :o)

Jackman and McRoss
57-59 Hampden Rd
Battery Point

Jackman & McRoss at Battery Point
Everything looks yummy & well presented on the display. You just want to buy each of everything they have.Fresh baked breadsRoast Duck Tart & Baked Polenta cakes
Crispy skinned Pork Belly & pea custard Tart with salted Toffee Apple
Pear tart & Opera Cake

Pasta Salad
Seared Wagyu beef parcel with scallop, parsnip & parmesan

A piece of juicy & tender Wagyu inside the parcel
Chicken & Mushroom Pie with home made sauce
Scrambled eggs wrapped with smoked salmon

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