Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Plan B

As a result of Dumplings Incident, I organised plan B for my friend Julia, which was dumplings from Lotus & Ming plus pasta from Pastabilities. Both are (AWESOME) frozen products and normally available from a good grocer.

I rang her in the morning & told her what happened @ X restaurant. She's happy, she just said '1 each please for Lotus & Ming, and 2 boxes of pasta'.

Easy job, just grabbed each type of dumplings from the freezer at Thomas Dux. The cashier seemed shocked at the quantity & if I translate his gestures correctly it should be 'Are you going to get all? this is a bit much'.
  • 10 packets of Lotus & Ming dumplings/ spring rolls
  • 2 boxes of pasta
  • 2 bottles of pasta sauce
Never mind, I think I did something great for the country on that day, I was contributing to Australian economy I guess.

Drama sorted. These babies flew with me to Hobart (Tasmania) @ night in a chiller bag hand carried. No kidding it was quite heavy, I felt like I was doing my weights when I carried the chiller bag.
  • Salt & pepper prawn har gow
  • Scallop & shitake har gow
  • Chilli chicken dumplings
  • Pork & buk choy dumplings
  • Peking duck apple wontons
  • Sesame barramundi spring rolls
  • BBQ pork & plum spring rolls
  • Peking duck spring rolls
  • Shitake & leek spring rolls
  • Spicy Salmon siu mai

Love this part ... 98% Fat Free & they use no MSG

Best pastas from Pastabilities are ...
  • Roast Duck Ravioli and
  • Prawns with Chilli, Lime and Lemongrass Ravioli
and both best served with Tomato & Chilli jam, the jam has gingery & lemongrass kick to it. I highly recommend the chilli jam. It is so yummy & it goes well with any pastas or anything deep fried.

All arrived in Hobart safe & sound, ready for dinner.


  1. Thanks for making the journey over land and sea with our products... I have been known to do that a few times!! So glad you enjoyed your Lotus & Ming experience, would love to hear read more from your travels... Now that you are home, maybe we can pop a couple into your freezer!?!?

  2. @ Karen - thanks for stopping by, Lotus & Ming is awesome & worth the pain of hand carrying it. Please continue to invent new flavours for Lotus & Ming. I will pop a couple into my freezer soon :o)