Saturday, October 16, 2010

Salamanca Market Hobart

Show up early with an empty stomach & bring tons of cash when you visit Salamanca Market as most stalls only take cash. I was there from 9am-2.30pm and still feel that I need to go back to some of the stalls.
For the food lovers:
  • Fruit Leathers
Home made Dried fruits
  • Fresh baked bread/ cookies
I bought this cute little fish short bread
  • Bread roll served with sausage

Tried their Weiss-Wurst, the description is 100% accurate, mild & juicy, great sausage
Goes well with a little mustard & BBQ sauce
  • Fresh strawberry stall
Bought a cup of strawberry, not the sweetest but the freshest
  • Tasmanian Cheese from Bruny Island

  • Home made Jam Donut & Ice Cream

Donut with home made strawberry jam, runny texture which means they made their own jam & not from the commercial jar. I bought the donut @ 3pm when the stall was closing, the donut was still soft & moist.

  • Scallop pie - only in Tasmania

Flaky pastry, mild curry taste & seems to use generous fresh scallops

  • Gillespies Ginger Beer
Only in Tasmania & it is a must try

For non-food items:

Beer Shampoo Bar
Hand made Mug

Cute woodwork doorstopper
Handmade Scented Roses Terracotta Pot


  1. What an interesting blog. Love your photos of the places you visit, and the interesting food stuff. I'm following your blog, check mine out too, and hope you will follow!

  2. @ Elizabeth - thank you for following :o)