Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bali + Lombok Holiday Photos

Saturday 20/05/2011

Good morning just landed this morning & trying very hard to stay awake to get my normal sleeping pattern back in business otherwise I will be in deep soup on Monday.

I tried to load photos during my holiday & no luck ... internet connection is not great hhmppfff.

My Bali & Lombok holiday photos...enjoy !!

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Buddha in various colours from Kolektor  (behind Seminyak Square - BALI)
BALI is my life ... found this signage as I exited Bali airport =)
Square meatballs anyone ??
Peking duck necklace from Simple Koncept Store (Jl. Laksamana - Seminyak, BALI)
Bali offerings
T-shirt for food blogger 1
T-shirt for food blogger 2
East - West  but BALI is the best JOGER (t-shirt shop in Kuta)
LOMBOK airport - conveyor not. We just have to stand next to it & grab out luggage quickly before our luggage landed on the floor.
LOMBOK island - traditional vs modern (horse carriage vs car)
LOMBOK island - mobile fruit lady - you can buy cut papaya, pineapple, watermelon etc