Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Survival Kit

Around 3 weeks ago, I was enjoying my 35 degrees holiday in Bali.....and eversince I landed myself in Sydneyland, weather has been everyone's worst enemy (except the farmers, they need the rains badly). Sydney's weather for the past 3 weeks has been wet, windy, cold, grey, with temperatures around 7-15 degrees. My folded umbrella recently RIP too thanks to the rain =)

Sydney's weather @ 5pm on the weekend from my balcony - grey, wet, windy

Extreme weather changes have made me (and most of my collegues) really sick. I stayed home for a few days to recover, slept 12-16 hrs a day - I felt like a hibernating bear. Surviving on these babies during my recovery mode:
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Mandarins - to boost my vitamin C intakes
  • Yalla Mango yoghurt - my favourite mango yoghurt, light, refreshing and gluten free
  • Maggie Beer Pumpkin Soup - top notch pumpkin soup, do they come in bigger container?
  • The Key Ingredients Wild Mushroom Soup - fresh, light & I love mushroom pieces
  • Sour Dough rolls
Yummy ready made soup ... I wish I knew a little earlier

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