Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1945 Indonesian Restaurant

 Updated 12/04/13 - 1945 is no longer operating, what a pity !! =(

Most Indonesian restaurants can be found around Eastern suburbs (Kingsford, Randwick, Maroubra, Kensington). I am a little surprised to find an Indonesian restaurant, called 1945 ** in Pyrmont area (near Star City casino). It is actually a really good news for me, if  I need to get my Indo dose fixed I can jump to Pyrmont after work.

I describe 1945 as Indonesian style tapas, dishes come small and we can order as many as we like to try a bit of everything from the menu. If you are unfamiliar with the dishes, I will recommend the Rijsttafel menu (set menu) to save you time in deciding what you want.

The menu is listed in old style Indonesian (talking bout my grandma's era, Dutch time) & English. At first, I was reading the Indonesian titles, it was kinda fun and exciting to read old style Indonesian....then my brain seems to be digesting the meaning of the titles at turtle speed. It was hard hahaha, I read it perfectly then I need extra minutes to translate the real meaning of the titles. So I gave up and read the English titles instead.

Apologies for not taking fantastic photos, we actually ordered many more but the rest of the photos are quite blurry, blame my baby camera for posing a strike.
If anyone got good tips on taking food photos @ night, please share it with me/ email. Thanks....=)

** 1945 is a very special year for Indonesians, it is the year of our independence after a long period of Dutch colonialisation. Our independence day is 17/08/1945. Several Indonesian dishes are influenced by Dutch.

1945 menu
Tahu Isi - Fried stuffed tofu (vegies inside), fried to perfection, crunchy & using fresh oil (yeah..I am a little paranoia when it comes to fried stuff hehehe, somehow I can tell if they use recyled oil)
Sayur Asem - Indonesian version of Tom Yum soup, sour, sweet, salty & fresh, suitable for vegos
Emping - Indonesian bitternut crackers, served in a traditional basket, it's not bitter at all
Sambal Udang Petai - Chilli prawn with Quail Eggs and Petai
Nasi Putih - Steam rice served in basket, really cool, feel like dining in traditional villages
Babi Kecap - Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce, I best describe it as Indonesian stewed pork, can we add boiled egg?

Urap - Salad, a little different from Gado2, sauce contains tumeric, I personally prefer urap than gado2
Ayam Bakar - Grilled Chicken, really tender and tasty

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