Thursday, September 1, 2011

Macaroons Photos

I had a day full of macaroons world - making it from scratch, taking photos, testing different flavours etc at friend's house. I pretended to be a food stylist for a day with idontcryieat and Ike Malada. Lots of fun and giggles!!

It was such a fun things to do is not as simple as I thought, you need loads of imagination, trial and error, different props, background, arrange different colors, perfectly shaped macaroons, colour balance etc. Is there a special school to be a food stylist/ is there a course? Let me know if there's any...and please have a sneak peek of our macaroons in action (done by amateur aka myself, using my baby pocket camera)!

All macaroons are hand made by Ike Malada with 1000% TLC and if you are interested to order her yummo macaroons click here.

Photo 1 - simple and clean but I think we need vibrant colors, a little dull for my liking =(
Photo 2 - too much yellow...
Photo 3 - Bird nest idea by idontcryieat...i wish we use a completely flat plate
Photo 4 - Bird nest style by idontcryieat, same comment as photo 3 - arrghhh why did we use this plate =(
Photo 5 - Natural style - me likey
Photo 6 - not bad..but why there's some shadow hehehhee...
Photo 7 - We aded some beetroot powder to give extra oompphh to the overall color combo

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