Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maha Melbourne


X flew to Melbourne to dine with me yayyyy. What a saviour ... saving me from being stuck in the hotel with room dining. X is the crazy lot, flew to Melbourne last minute & has to fly with Qantas no less - not cheap I can tell ya (well I need to convince X to take Jetstar/ Virgin Blue in da future), did nothing for the whole day, stayed at the hotel sleeping, reading some books (whilst I was working), playing with Ipad, then dinner with me. The next morning X flew back to Sydney (whilst I was still working again...). I felt so entertained whilst in Melbourne.

I kept screaming that I want to dine somewhere nice, somewhere unique that I cant find in Sydney and X quickly organised our dinner @ Maha (by George Calombaris - Masterchef judge).

Initially I was not too excited coz I used to be anti exotic food. I had really bad food poisoning from it a couple years ago. Anyway, my dining experience @ Maha has totally changed my view about exotic food ... all I can say is I love Middle Eastern food now. There is nothing that I do not like. Presentations, service, quality of food are excellent. I like everything !! Maha dishes are exotic with modern twist and  I am glad X picked Maha coz I will go back to try different dishes if I visit Melbourne again.

Maha Melbourne
We ordered Soufra (4 courses with wines)
Dips - beetroot, soya beans, zucchini, olive, hhhm if no one around I can lick each bowl sparkly clean
Nice fluffy warm bread rolls
Deep Fried Mr Porkie - crispy outside, tender & juicy inside
Pipis with ?? ooppss bad memory cant remember the sauce
Salad with crispy Turkish bread, really refreshing
Rice salad
Wagyu beef with Oxtail dumplings & chestnut puree ... ohhemmmgeee, this is heaven, I wish I didnt have to share it with X, the dumplings were excellent

Dessert platter - Filo pastry with orange sauce, ?? cant remember what's in da cup oopps sorry again, my fave - donut with rose jelly inside

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