Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweeties Paradise

***** NOV 2012 - Sweeties Paradise is no longer operating ******


The long wait is finally over, a place for Asian (HK style) dessert has arrived in Chinatown called Sweeties Paradise. Their menu has great variety ranging from sago, coconut milk, pudding, sweet dumpling, red bean, taro, sesame etc. Sweetness level is fantastic, very much my standard, i.e. low. I wish they open another shop near my place.

My recommendations ....
  • No. 40 Taro Sago with coconut milk (with extra taro balls for 50cents)
  • No. 43 Mango Pomelo Sago
  • No. 74 Coconut Taro with Black Sticky Rice pudding
  • No. 79 Mango Glutinous Dumpling
  • No. ?? Sesame soup with mini dumplings
                  Sweeties Paradise
                    45 Dixon Street (next door to  Y2K)
                    Chinatown - Sydney
                    Ph. (02) 9212 3818

Taro Sago with coconut milk

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