Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tetsuya's Dinner

My friend LL came to Sydney for 2 weeks, and when a pair of gluttons meet up, our outing exercise revolves around dining out here and there. We rang Tetsuya's to book a table and we were lucky to get the last table for the following week (weekday dinner). They have 2 slots for the degustation dinner, 6pm or 8pm. We took the 6pm & we finished around 10pm. The gluttons had 4 hr dinner date.

Staff lead us to 2nd floor, showed us our table - facing the tranquil garden. The room is filled with paintings, sculptures and other artworks. Errr...even the toilet has a few beautiful paintings.

Ladies with mega bucks designer handbag will be relieved as the restaurant provides wooden stool for your handbag. Very thoughtful indeed. For my case, I am happy to slot my laptop bag on the floor hehehe.

Staffs were well trained & really friendly, asked us 'Any special occasion to celebrate today' ? 'Nahhh ... catching up with old friend day today'. We really have nothing extraordinary to celebrate except for catching up after we haven't seen each other for about 1.5 yr. I knew LL about 9 years ago & we always keep in touch regardless where we are. Great to have my eating buddy back for 2 weeks.

Warm breads arrived, served with truffle butter ... yummmm !!

Staff explains each food that is served without a fail ... I mean you can tell that they explained the description of the food wholeheartedly not by memorising the whole blurb about the dish. Plus when you ask them more infos about the food, they are more than happy to share the extra infos.

Photos are not that great as the room is kinda dim & dark...nevertheless enjoy my photos !!

Cucumber soup - light & refreshing
Tasmanian Fresh Oyster with mirin dressing - fresh, creamy oyster & light
King Fish sashimi with dressings

Scampi with avocado puree 

Tetsuya's Signature Smoked Ocean Trout covered in seaweed (I think) & green apple - texture is really smooth, close to salmon's texture
Muli fish (I think) with 3 color onion pickles (red, pink, white)
Braised Ox tail - omgggg it just melts in your mouth
Quail with wild rice salad - very unique salad, crunchy burnt rice
Beef with mustard and wasabi stalks - love the beef !! Really tender & juicy ...
Granita & pudding - we were told by the staff that the duo will clean our palate ...
Sorbet ... ooppss I can't remember the type of sorbet they served LOL, was way too many food ... I only remember I finish the whole stuff which means they were good !!
Chocolate mousse, chocolate stick, chocolate rice pieces & home made ice cream

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