Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kitchen OEC (Japanese Croquettes)

Kitchen OEC is located in Chinatown food court & they are famous for their Japanese croquettes (mashed potato with sukiyaki/ cheese/ vegies/ curry). If you are a health fanatic, you might faint if you go to Kitchen OEC hehehee as most of their stuff is either deep fried/ creamy (croquettes, karaage, katsu, pasta salad, caesar salad, etc).

My latest health check (I did 3x health check year to date) has gimme the green light to indulge myself  with Kitchen OEC $8 set meal - 2x Japanese croquettes (sukiyaki & curry), 1 karaage stick, pasta salad & caesar salad. They are great value & good quality, best croquettes in town. They also sell barley tea for 50 cents.

My nemesis used to make the trip down to chinatown & buy the take away set meal for lunch. Nowadays, I might have to catch the bus to chinatown if I crave for Kitchen OEC ... get the take away & bring it back to the office (it is a good 20-30 mins return trip by bus).

Dear Nemesis, we might need to be friends again & you can do the lunch run for me & I can pinch extra food from your take away box too. The grass is always greener next door, although I have my own take away box, I still like to 'tax' my nemesis..Gosh I sound like an evil & greedy friend =)

Kitchen OEC
Sussex street food court level 1 (next to escalator)
Shop 8, 401 Sussex street
Haymarket - Sydney

Set menu - 2 croquettes, 1 karaage chicken stick, caesar salad, pasta salad

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