Saturday, April 30, 2011

NSW Farm Tour

Sunday 10/04/11

I visited 3 farms in a day (vegie farm, apple farm & alpaca farm). The day started with a nice sunny day and the cloud started to mess the day ... rain & wind followed us for the whole afternoon. That did not dampened our spirit at all, we came back with plenty of fresh vegies, apple & souvenirs from the alpaca farm. What a one big hectic day.

Hawkesbury Vegetable Farm
135 Carrs Road
Wilberforce NW 2756
Phone. (02) 4576 3529
Joe 0417 443 057
Vicki 0418 696 897
Open Saturday 9am-3pm
Sunday to Friday book ahead

Visitors can have a little tour on the farm, getting the know their produces, how they sell to the market & their low pesticides policy (I was told that by Vicki that they tried their best to use minimal pesticides too, mainly during summertime.Fresh vegies are available for purchase (freshly cut/ plucked) & they last for a while, unlike the usual vegs you buy from supermarket which normally die in 1-3 days =)

2550 Bells Line of Road
Bilpin - NSW 2758
Phone. (02) 4567 1294

Quite similar to Hawkesbury Veg Farm, visitors can have a tour around the area, getting to know different variety of apples & other fruits, the netting system (to avoid hail storm, birds attacking the trees), bee pollination, DIY apple picking. I really love the DIY apple picking...walk around the area, carry a basket & pick apples (great exercise opportunity too) - fresh, crisp & wax free apples.

128 Tennyson Road
Tennyson - NSW
Phone. 0418 548 242

Visitors can book afternoon tea session (freshly baked scones, fresh cream & strawberry jam, tea/ coffee) whilst the owner run a little alpacas info session explaining history of alpacas (from Peru originally), how their fibres being produced into jumpers/ hats/ scarves, colour of alpacas, and tons more information on alpacas. The scones was soft, crumbly & warm, was really yummy, I bought some home as well. It was such an very first time ever seeing & touching an alpaca, they are really gentle, happy to get a little pet from everyone..and super soft fur, well behave too (no spitting).

Family run Hawkesbury Vegetables Farm - brocolli, eggplant, capsicum, cauli flower, rocket, spinach, chilli, and many more (more than 20++ varieties)
9 yrs old Jason - knowledgeable boy, helping dad getting rid of weeds
Fresh eggplants

Bilpin Springs Orchard (netting system on the right side to protect the trees)

DIY Apple picking - buy fresh apples from the farm, fresh & crisp
Alpacas - originally from Peru
Pet an alpaca - soft & cuddly

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