Monday, April 25, 2011

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011

When I was an undergraduate student (many yearssssss ago when I was young & free from wrinkleS), I used to work @ Easter show during Easter break to earn extra pocket money.
Well ... I did earn some money from the Easter show...and I also spent my earnings on the spot too to buy showbags, foods, or anything I didn't need, sighhhh...young & clueless back then.
I used to have staff pass & I can go to the show anytime, anyday, as many times as I like. What a privilege.

Nowadays, Easter show costs about $34 (entree + transport fee included). They have similar stuff every year, nothing new to me - wood chopping show, animal show, milking barn show, foodhall, art & craft, and showbags pavillion. Eventhough it is the same item every year I still go for the fun, memory of the good old days, dog show, milking barn, showbags and cheese on a stick etc.

Happy Easter everyone, have a great holiday!!

Bite Size biscuits @ Foodhall - they only sell to public during the Easter show, beautiful biscuits, low sweetness & not too buttery
Fresh produces by Woollworth @ Foodhall
Cake decorating pavillion - yes they are all edible cakes !! Amazing art works !!
Gourmet jam by Alpine @ Foodhall

Cheese on a stick can only be found during Easter show....
Freshly squeezed Lemonade
Cheese on a Stick - my yearly ritual @ the Easter show - deep fried battered cheese
Cheese on a stick - Melted cheese
Junk Food Galore =)
Our moment of fame - we met the famous Dr Harry Cooper, my favourite & the best vet ever !!
My friend A, Dr Harry Cooper, me

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