Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Marie Antoinette High Tea

A friend organised girls get together session to experience the Marie Antoinette High Tea @ Westin Hotel Lobby Bar. 
It was a great girls get together day, started with a sparkling rose, colorful zorro styled mask provided by the hotel, great high tea menu, 3.5 hours chit chat and friendly & attentive staffs. We felt quite special. Hope you will have the same great experience if you try the high tea.

The Marie Antoinette High Tea menu
The High Tea - nicely decorated individually
Roast beef with creme cheese - the beef was excellent & perfectly roasted
BLT & deviled egg finger sandwich - the base was in heart shaped, how cute ...
Kiwi & Orange croissant with mascarpone - the combination of orange & kiwi surprisingly work well together
Lime curd meringue tart with edible Marie Antoinette portrait. I wonder how they did the Marie Antoinette portrait? It is one awesome tart. I wish I can have tart no. 2. Lime tart is usually too citrus-ey & make you squint your eyes up to the max. This tart is one exception. Squint free & has the right level of sweetness.
Chocolate cream with exotic fruit caramel & candied walnuts
Blueberry macaroon - hhhmmm this is unfortunately a NO NO for me, it was too sweet. 1 bite is plenty.
Beetroot & Cherry cupcake - I love the amount of 'little' icing, less is more !!