Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charlie & Co

I went to Charlie & Co, owned by Becasse, with 2 work friends in the new Westfield about 1 week after their opening day. Unfortunately, we did not have a great experience, I guess they are still new and they have some teething issues. We waited in total 55 mins from Q-ing till receiving my takeaway.

We ordered Wagyu burger, Federation burger (Aengus burger), Chilli Crab burger and herb fries.  My Aengus burger looks awesome, generous 1.5 cm thick Aengus pattie, however it was slightly overcooked (ie. dry), what a pity ... otherwise the burger will be perfecto.

Federation Burger - Aengus beef pattie, cheddar, fried egg, bacon, sauteed onion, lettuce and tomato on a sesame sourdough bun

Herb Fries with mayonnaise ($1.5 for the sauce) - I think the mayo is home made coz it was quite runny and has a different texture to the one readily bottled. Nice chips, crunchy and generous portion.

My friend S had a drama with her Chilli Crab burger order.
S         : Can I order the Chilli Crab Burger - please remove the asian salad and replace it with just lettuce
Staff 1 : Sorry...Sorry...
S         : Repeated her instructions
Staff 1 confused looking.
Staff 2 came to the rescue.
S         : Repeated her instructions again to Staff no. 2
Staff 2 : Yes..yes..I got it...

S collected her take away & we walked back to the office.
When she opened her burger she nearly fall off her chair, she received Chilli Crab Burger still with Asian greens + NO sauce at all.What a drama after 55 mins in the Q.

Chilli Crab Burger - sesame bun + crab cake + greens + NO sauce
Looks like the 3 of us are not in any hurry to go back in the next 6 months. It was just an unlucky day for us.


  1. Hi, sorry to note about your unpleasant experience at Charlie & Co...Thanks for stopping by my site, hope to see u again soon...

  2. Trick & Treat - yeah we had a bad day @ Charlie & Co, we might come back in 6 months. Hopefully the Q will be shorter. Will visit your site for sure.