Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am running out of ideas to take my best friend Handi out for his birthday. I realised he has never been to Ju-Rin in Crows Nest. He is happy with the idea as it is a little suburbia and easy for him to find parking. Booking done, we picked the 8pm seating, we were quite lucky to get a table as I did last minute booking (3 days prior to the dinner).

We also ordered the Beef tongue miso udon but I forgot to take photos. The soup is really tasty & the beef tongue is really tender, a definite must have when you visit  Ju-Rin.

Ju-Rin today's special
Torched Salmon with avocado sauce, the sauce is really refreshing & it complements the perfectly grilled salmon
Zucchini flower tempura stuffed with prawn paste, crunchy and tasty prawn paste stuffing
Wagyu beef karubi, very tender and juicy wagyu

Dessert Menu
Sakura Mochi, cherry blossomed flavour mochi with red bean filling, if you like low level of sweetness dessert, this mochi is your best friend :o)

Tempura green tea ice cream red bean, the portion is quite generous, it can be shared for 2-3 people. I marked the tempura ice cream 5/10, presentation yes... the quality of the vanilla ice cream & the tempura batter not so great

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