Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby Shower

Sunday 21/11/10 - To celebrate Priska's 7th month of  pregnancy we organised Indonesian (Javanese tradition) style baby shower, aka siraman. Consists of a set of rituals and followed by having traditional dishes for the dinner.

We can't wait to have the Indonesian Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning). I was drooling since 5pm ish, purposely had small lunch for this event. My lovely friend Ike cooked & decorated the yellow rice. I seriously don't know how she cooked all of this as she had catering for 500 people the day before. Her Indonesian yellow rice is the best & her hard work is paid off, everyone was very pleased with the dishes.

Indonesian yellow rice (Nasi Kuning) - clockwise - Indonesian salad, Chilli egg (Telor Balado), Chilli prawn (Sambal Udang), Chicken in brown sauce (Ayam Rujak), Chilli Chicken liver and tempe (Sambal Goreng Ati Tempe), Fried tempe (Tempe Goreng), Fried Tofu ( (Tahu Goreng)
Too cute to eat, Cupcakes by Cupcakeholics & Baby Shower Cake by my friend Handi Mulyana 
Nappy Cake by moi, thanks to youtube tutorial, non edible though

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