Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Counter Custom Built Burgers

2012 - The Counter Custom Built Burgers is no longer operational ... sad..sad


I had no computer and internet for about 1.5 month as my vintage (aka old & dying) computer was problematic. I am glad that my geeky friend fixed it up, save me some $$$$. Time to update my eating adventures now....

Around my neighbourhood we have an American burger joint called The Counter where you can built your own burger & have sweet potato chips.

The only 'Counter' in Australia

Here's the Order form ... full of varieties, so hard to decide what I want in my burger
Well, I can always come back & try a different combo !

Yummy Sweet potato chips .... generous salt :o)
I had to shake off the excess salt

My Burger = Avocado + Boiled Egg + Beef + Cheese + Grilled Onions + BBQ Sauce

I got all my fave ingredients in the burger, the next question was how am I going to eat them ? Eating the burger was a bit of a work by itself due to the height, but I managed to get through the whole burger thanks to fork, knife and hands.
Our table was a big mess at the end. Practice makes perfect ... if I dine in another time I should be less messy.

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