Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chefs Gallery

A new restaurant just opened in town about 1.5 month ago, it is called Chefs Gallery.
Similar style to Din Tai Fung with a better final presentation. The restaurant is quite cozy, you can definitely pick this place if you are planning to have a comfortable chit chat dinner with friends. Attentive staff, modern decor and spacious tables.

The open kitchen displays army of chefs running the whole area. The kitchen is pretty big, at least about 15-20 chefs were in the kitchen doing different duties from noodle making, stir frying, steaming, dumplings making, chopping etc. It was a mad busy kitchen.

Pan fried pork & cabbage dumplings

Chinese roti with pork floss
Roti is better than Mamak, less greasy & fluffy
Home made egg tofu with preserved veggies topping

3 eggs fried rice (chicken egg, duck egg and century egg)
Hand made Spinach noodle with Prawn roe
Osmanthus jelly with goji berries
Very refreshing, if you love plum, your name is on it !!

Cute pumpkin shape dessert
Everything is edible ...

Lotus paste fillings

Some friends commented about the small portions and bland noodle/ dessert. I don't find it bland at all & their portions are reasonable. Their noodles are great quality & fresh plus they contain no yeast. Majority of their desserts are Asian style & it is light, just right for my liking.
Chefs Gallery is definitely on my weekend hang out list.

If you are planning to visit the restaurant during weekend, I would highly recommend to rock up before 6pm otherwise you will be Q-ing for a while. Happy trying.


  1. Didn't try the little piggies hey? :) Those pumpkins are so cute.

    That roti does look good, would definitely have to order that!

  2. Conor - I actually tried the little piggies during my previous visit, pity didn't bring my camera. Come over & I'll take you there to try the cute pumpkins & roti :o)

  3. Everything looks delicious! Love those little pumpkins!

  4. Reeni - yupp they look & taste good :o)