Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Bathers Pavillion

Most people will say 'Bondi' as their favourite beach in Sydney. I found Bondi is a tad too crowded & way too touristy for me. I beg to differ =) and I vote for Balmoral as my favourite beach in Sydney. It is just simply stunning and offer more characters; great neighbourhood feeling, clean, way less touristy, and if you are dog lover plenty of cute and well groomed doggies around to admire. If you are lucky you can pet/ play with them too (with the seal of approval of the owner of course). Food around Balmoral in general is really good, or I should say it is actually above average. The only drawback about Balmoral is expensive parking around the main stretch, $6 per hour.  I can easily spend 3-4 hours there and I usually take bus/ park a little further from the main stretch. There are several great options to have breakfast in Balmoral but somehow I always go back to Bathers Pavilion. Located right in front of the beach, white older building with little kiosk on the side, selling cold drinks, coffees & quick bites for grab. You will not miss this building, it is massive and always packed regardless the hour and be prepared to queue for table ... have a great weekend everyone!!

The Bathers Pavilion
4 The Esplanade
Ph. 9969 5050
Breakfast Menu
Corned beef, spinach and corn hash plus 2 poached eggs - probably not looking so pretty but they are delicious - Corn hash (which I think is way better than the usual hash brown ~ potato) was golden brown and crunchy. The corned beef was excellent, it just melt in your mouth ... and the hollandaise sauce adds extra oommphhh when you have everything together plus the runny egg yolks. ....this breakfast just has no flaws.

And .... after the corned beef for myself, we were drooling like hell looking at next door table having their pancakes, so here we go ... waved to the waitress, and we ordered pancakes to share. Best decision indeed.
Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup - warm and fluffy pancake with maple syrup, I should have ordered a scoop of ice cream, will be perfecto.
Weekend parking $6 per hour ... booooo...

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