Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jones The Grocer

We coincidentally discovered Jones the Grocer in Westfield before our dinner. Then we realized, it was their week 1, they just opened its door that week (or even on the night). We didnt waste any time, we headed straight back to Jones the Grocer right after dinner to try their desserts.
Jones took 'Becasse' old spot in Westfield. They revamped the area, open kitchen, simple and modern decos, sophisticated, relax atmosphere. The entire area is spacious ~ divided into mini grocery store, bakery in the front (btw their pastries, tarts and cakes look Awww-mazing), cafe & restaurant. We ordered 3 desserts, teas and coffee. Desserts were simple (back to basic style), nothing crowded (presentation wise), generous portion and everything tasted fresh. I was pleased with their leaf tea too, nothing else but peppermint for me; very fragrant and strong. Service was considerably smooth on that night, no hiccups and we had a friendly and bubbly waitress. It is indeed one great place for winding down or catching up with friends (even business meeting). I went back on week 2 to have their desserts + tea with, pretty self explanatory I guess ** wink wink ** and we will be back to try their mains.

Jones the Grocer
Shop 5018, Level 5 Westfield
Cnr Market & Castlereagh St
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 61 2 8072 7755

Desserts selection
Tea menu - great variety, from east to west they have them all
Glazed lemon tart w blackberries and cream fraiche ~ was my friend's choice of dessert. I only tried a spoonful, custard is tangy with smooth balance between sweet and sour, and complement the buttery base.
Other friend's dessert ~ Citrus pannacotta with strawberries, basil and candied almonds - light and refreshing. Probably the lightest amongst the 3 desserts that we ordered. This silky smooth pannacotta went well with the crunchy candied almonds. I can munch on the candied almonds easily. For sharing? ...hhmm maybe not, I want  the whole thing for myself.
Here's my dessert choice ~ Young coconut rice pudding with mango and crunchy almond - it is an excellent dessert, taste is just perfect - mango + almond really make a big difference, no more plain rice pudding. You get the crunchiness from toasted almond and mango sweetness.  This dessert is a little on the heavy side (and generous portion) and I struggled to finish it off after my big dinner. Definitely an excellent choice for sharing.

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