Monday, April 29, 2013


Monday, 29/04/13

Me not having a great Monday ... =(
Had a busy day at work today, didn't even have time to have breakfast/ snacking/ arvo tea, so not me today. The highlight of the day was ... I got trapped in a lift by myself, lucky it was for 5 mins but the scariest bit was when the lift slide for quite a moment, literally slide 1/2 floor down, and shake at the same time. Thanks for the pumped adrenalin but I don't need it today. Damn you lift, wat a day !! Anyway...I can confirm I have been diagnosed with vitamin H(oliday) deficiency ~ I haven't had my vitamin H for the past 9.5 months, arrrrghhh so hard to function.  My vitamin H can only be taken in exactly 18 days time.  I miss the smell of airport, waking up at 4am to go to airport, the stress of having overweight luggage, eating like crazy, a bit of hotel hopping .... I am counting and counting ... cant wait !!! I am posting some of my old holiday porns to cheer myself up.
Conrad Bali ~ love your swimming pool always !! Taking a nap in the gazebo right in front of the beach + a little walk around the beach
JeevaKlui hotel ~ Lombok island ~ very clear water, uninterrupted view ... quiet and away from crowds
Kiama little blowhole ... breathtaking view
Bali ...

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