Friday, August 24, 2012

Only in Bangkok 2011

These are quite a yesteryear random photos collection but I had a great time in Bangkok last year & I just want to share my snaps =)

Tuk Tuk - Bangkok style rickshaw, bargaining is a must
Neon bright pink taxi - think about all the benefits, you can easily hail them and will not miss them when they pass by on the road. They are super strikey under the scorching sun
Bangkok traffic jam in CBD - around 8-9pm on a weekday. Spot the OZ theme taxi ...I think Sydney's traffic is bearable compared to Bangkok.
United Kingdom of Fakeys ..Gucci, Prada, Coach, Chanel @ floating market
Warning sticker on taxi's window - I translate it as... No Goat, No Gun, No XXX, No Dog, No Alcohol and No Durian. Seriously...who will carry a goat to a cab?
Hand Made Robot from Recycled materials @ Chatuchak Market (aka JJ market)
Money on string - donating money to the temple by stapling the money to the string @ Golden Mount temple (roof top).
Baby pineapple - super sweet - sweetest pineapple ever, about the size of an apple. More expensive than normal pineapple according to my friend who is a local. How to eat? Hold the green bit & eat it like popsicle.
Mobile vendor - selling traditional crackers
Various types of eggplants - purple, white, round, oval, green, etc. I thought there's only 2-3 kinds of eggplants in the whole eggplant family.
Street Food Vendor - this lady is awesome, she made fresh papaya salad/ cook fresh noodle/ fresh stir fry (in front of the Palace). Really well equipped.

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