Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Shopping

Saturday, 13/10/2012

A friend was hunting for Santoku knife, and we decided to go to Peters of Kensington to check out their knives range. My friend got Tojiro Santoku knife and knife sharpening steel (looks like a baby stick sword) at the end. And guess who got dragged to spend as well? ME....oh noooo, this is really naughty. I had no plan to buy anything on the day but temptations are just hard to resist. I bought 3 items - food processor, mug and digital scale.

Let me justify my recent splurge...
  • All this long I have been hunting for a mini food processor because my current one is 1/2 dead - I have Breville mini whizz & I dropped the bowl (the plastic bowl was split into 1/2) and too troublesome to get 'just the bowl'.
  • My cheapo scale is so unreliable - and it is really hard to rely on this when I am baking (trust me I really am into baking right now & digital scale will be frequently on air)
  • For the mug ... there's no justification hhmm 'because it's so cute' is probably the reason
I know my pocket is screaming now, oh well, let me treat is as my early Christmas presents. Meet my  new family ... mini food processor, digital scale, and Hello Kitty mug.

Le Micro from Magimix - I just love the size - it's great for making sambal, pesto, sauce, mayonaisse etc in smaller quantity. I know Magimix will not dissapoint me, my mom has one of the bigger food processor & it just last forever.
My new red Digital Scale and Hello Kitty mug ... yayyy
Bye bye BREVILLE and old scale...time to upgrade

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