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Eat Art Truck (Food Truck)

Friday, 03/08/12

Food truck dinner? Grrr...for real? My perception on food truck was negative, I used to associate all food truck with anything fried, greasy, poor quality, and limited range (fish & chips, doner kebab, thick pizza slices and donuts). Pre-food truck dinner, I rated myself with 15% enthusiasm.

Friday nite, a friend organised a slightly different venue, food truck dinner for a change - Eat Art Truck. We had to check their timetable via Facebook/ Twitter to know their where about on the day/ time. Was scheduled at City Park, across Enmore theatre. When we reached the truck, the boys were packed up already & they had to head to Westfield. Okie, us being the food enthusiasts..we did head to Westfield (with a little detour to Harry's the Wheels for mini snacking).

Reached Westfield, a bit of Q happening, I was a little relieved - must be good if people starting to Q up. I checked the menu on the side of the truck - menu is simple and clear, price is reasonable. We ordered Beef Bun, spatchcock ssam plus the dessert of the day.

This is probably the most luxurious food truck that I have ever seen, equipped with Electrolux oven, flat black truck, jumbo size and a bit of art work on the side of the truck. Fancy looking truck indeed. We had a little chat with the chef duo, they both ex-Tetsuya and therefore their style is very different to other food truck. It is kinda gourmet, healthy, clean and simple. Fusion style, easy to eat and nice sizing. Eat Art Truck is a whole new level of 'food truck'.Oh boyyyy, how yummo was the beef bun, tender and juicy beef that just melt in your mouth. Why on earth did I eat Harry's pie before? Will I go back again? Hell yeah, I will definitely go back to try different menu and will come with empty stomach.

I grew up in a city where you can get lots of yummy street foods 24 hr. I really feel Sydney lacks street food vendors (good ones please). I know it's not the best looking thing on the street if we have 50-100s of them but it's part of the fun, variety, giving the night life (food wise and economy wise) a bit of a boost, adding extra character to the city and ... food truck can be great and healthy too. Dear instant noodle please hide yourself in the shelf gracefully. Let's roll red carpet to the arrival of quality food truck to Sydney. 

Eat Art Truck
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Eat Art Truck - funky food truck
Menu of the day
The TDF BBQ Beef bun - tender, tasty and juicy beef with sweet bread. The sauce and slaw are nice complements to the beef but not overpowering. The carrot gives a bit of crunchiness texture to the entire thing. The beef is such a star, I can easily have 2 of the buns. Generous servings of beef too.
Spatchcock ssam with crispy noodles - hhm how do I describe them? To me, it's a bit of a cross between sang choy bow & jumbo spring roll. Tofu skin was used to wrap them (super crunchy), spatchcock was perfectly cooked, ssam sauce was pretty mild. Nicely wrapped - didnt burst at all (they were pretty massive) and easy to eat with your hand.
Chocolate cake with dulce de leche & salted peanuts - yummmo, made by spraying the cake mix into a container & microwaved them. The cake is hot, soft and fluffy, the salt is such a good addition to break down the chocolate & the caramel bits. Wish they had ice cream for the cake... =)
EAT ART number plate
Around 10pm Q time

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