Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Monday 23/01/12

Hello readers,

Long time no see or hear...yeah my bad for temporarily going MIA. I was overwhelmed with entertaining several overseas visitors from pre-Christmas till now. By the time I got home, I am normally too tired to do anything and lemme blame my speed of eating out as well for being greater than my speed of blogging, with realistic ratio of approx. 20:1. Food photos starting to pile up in my vintage computer. I will blog it slowly...I promise.

Firstly....GONG  XI FAT CHOI (Happy Chinese New Year), may the year of Dragon brings you good health, wealth, and unlimited supply of happiness. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Hopefully in 2012 and beyond you will visit me more often.

A little teaser from my dinner yesterday @ Kopitiam restaurant (594 Harris Street, Ultimo) with work collegues. Note...this is my 2nd Yee Sang on the day, I had Yee Sang during lunch as well. 
By the end of this week I think I will have at least 5 Yee Sang (I do love Yee Sang, but hopefully not 5x within a week). Stay tune for my next Chinese New Year outings. Have a great Chinese New Year, love you all =)

Yee Sang @ Kopitam (raw fish salad)
Queen Victoria Building (QVB) going oriental, decorated with red lanterns
Hello Mr Dragon ... welcome to 2012

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