Sunday, December 18, 2011


Thursday, 15/12/11

I went to the new IKEA in Tempe (close to airport) with a friend to buy several rather large items, we bought mini TV cabinet, wardrobe, 5 drawers tallboy, curtain rod, dining table, dining chairs, and other knick knacks. As you all know, you can do self serve to get all the items @ IKEA ... and yes we pulled stuff from the mega shelves and stack them into the 2 big trolleys, went to car park and stacked them again in the car.

After exercising our lazy muscles by lifting boxes, boxes and more boxes, we were so tired and HUNGRY at the point where I didnt want to move at all. We decided to have our dinner @ IKEA where I had the honour LOL to introduce my friend to IKEA cafe. He has never tried IKEA cafe in his life. I ordered the signature Swedish meatballs (my fave btw if I go to IKEA), chips and drinks. He was happy, we had window seats watching the stars and some view....carpark view =)

What do I like about the meatballs? It is really tasty, texture is great, good sizing, and pocket friendly hehehe.. and you cant find Swedish meatballs in any other place in Sydney unless you make your own or you buy the frozen meatballs, the lingonberry sauce and mashed potato from the IKEA foodmart.

Swedish meatballs with mashed potato, lingonberry jam and gravy for less than $10

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