Saturday, October 1, 2011

Buon Ricordo

Not sure why/ how/ when, but every time I go out with my friend X we either do something crazy/ something crazy just happened. Here's how we started...we had a long hectic day and desperado to go for dinner. Nothing planned , no bookings made, but we want to somewhere with yummy food, great service and we can sit down to chit chat without having to scream to each other when we talk (ohh noo is this a sign of early maturity for both of us?).

Getting a table on a Saturday in Sydney with no bookings? It was like pushing our luck down to the ground.
I rang up a couple places and no luck in getting table. My last phone call, rang Buon Ricordo and they said the only available seating is at 6.30pm and we have to leave by 8.30pm. Big nod from us..we can eat and go by 8.30pm for sure. For me, Buon Ricordo is the best Italian restaurant in Sydney and so far no one can beat it. I haven't been there for a while, and I hope my TDF truffle spaghetti is still available.

Our busy day has made both of us look a little run down (looks like we just get bashed out by some gangster, got chocolates splashed on my white t-shirt, wrinkly clothings, etc). At first we thought 'who cares about our crappy look as long as we can fix the bill'. Then we looked at each other ... and giggles 'Errr..I think we better buy some clothes now before we get kicked out when we enter the restaurant'.

Before the dinner we had to make a detour to Broadway shopping centre to buy some clothes. Then we made a bet, $100 budget to buy new gear to make us look a little decent within 30 mins.
X won by spending around $89 (new $20 Kmart shoes, $14 Kmart scarf and $55 Esprit shirt). I bought $89 Forever New lacey dress + $6 Forever New earrings. Pretty close results. We looked so much better after the upgrade 101 crash course. The dinner become exxie since we have to factor in our clothing upgrade =)

Spinach & Pork soup - light starter, super soft pork, refreshing
Pumpkin, Fish, Ginger bread, micro herbs and edible flowers - a really nice combination
The star of the dinner - fettucine with parmesan cream, fried truffle egg, creamy and cheesy, you dont need a whole lot, small portion is satisfying enough =)
Granita to clean our palate
Fish with some sort of salsa ? I only remember the fish was really fresh and naturally sweet tomatoes

Quail with tomato based sauce (cant really remember the exact sauce...sigh. I only remember it was tomato based)
Very tender and juicy, tasty quail, sauce was light and not overpowering the quail. I reckon they use real tomatoes not canned (judging by the less vibrant sauce colour and less concentrated taste)
Chocolate mousse, orange tart, nougat ice cream with pistachio sauce. My fave was the nougat ice cream, very unique coz you can still feel the crunchy texture within the ice cream, the sauce went well with it.
Ricotta canolli, Choc balls, and some pastry stuff - I love the baby canolli, crunchy & not too sweet. The pastry stuff and choc balls were average.

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