Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nappy Cake

Once every blue moon I want to be slightly productive by making some art & craft stuff. I volunteered to make JW's baby shower nappy cake (non edible of course) and pretty pleased with my masterpiece. Let me proudly share my recipe of success in making nappy cake (this was my 2nd nappy cake project).

** suitable for beginners **

  • 1 pack of Huggies
  • 1 round plate/ 1 cake base
  • Ribbons
  • Wrapping paper
  • Rubber Band
  • Clear plastic wrapping sheet
  • Ready made ribbon for the top of the tier
  • Double sided sticky tape

Roll nappies tightly from the elastic side towards the rounder side & secure each nappy with rubber band 
Roll all 48 of them... yawnn boring
Getting the plate/ base ready for action
Place rolled nappies till you have an overall round shape, then secure them with large rubber band
For your 2nd tier, place rolled nappies on the top of the base nappies ... once you are happy with the shape, secure it with rubber band
To hide the rubber bands, wrap around each tier with wrapping paper, use double sided sticky tape for best results. The width of the wrapping paper = the width of Huggies.
Place a ready made jumbo ribbon on the top (secure it with double sided sticky tape), you can buy it from $2 shop
Decorate with ribbons - put double sticky tape at the back of the ribbon to stick the ribbon around the cake
Nappy Cake ... last step...wrap the whole nappy cake with clear plastic wrapping sheet to secure the construction

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